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Friday, September 9, 2011

Still crossing the fingers

This lone picture will tell you all you need to know about a wide swath of Wilkes-Barre's flat lands.

You can cruise the length of Washington St. and Penn Ave. until you hit the flood waters at Brookside. But if you head west towards the Susquehanna River at any point, you'll have to deal with the National Guard.

Mill Creek backed up in a big way. So much so, that as I type this the WBFD is conducting a water rescue on Brookside Street. And I'm having trouble understanding why anyone would choose to ignore the mandatory evacuation order when the river was predicted to crest at 41 feet.

Then again, I've always fantasized about throwing a humdinger of a hurricane party, so I should talk.

The WBPD headquarters was evacuated last night.

Last night he power went off at 6:33 PM and then came back on at 12:28 AM.

Now, they warned us that PP&L would pull the plug on parts of Wilkes-Barre at some point, but the timing confuses me. Was there more or less of a flood risk at either of those times? If I had to guess, I'd say that after the dikes were stressed all night, it would make more sense for the power to go down later, not earlier. But what do I know about all things 21 billion jiggawatts?

And there's some noise being made about a significant crack in the Pierce Street bridge. The river portal gates are all gushing water. While the river slowly recedes, we're not out of the danger zone just yet.

Stay tuned

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