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Monday, June 29, 2009

Yes we can, what?

For too many in the “Yes we can” crowd, I suspect that politics amounts to little more than a sporting event. It’s akin to rooting for their favorite team, the home team, or some such thing. No matter what you say, they will support their favorite team no matter what. And that’s exactly why this country is fast heading for a combined sewage outflow.

I’m not sure if anyone other than myself noticed, but the price of practically everything you may set out to purchase has escalated of late. Escalated and then some, I’d say. On Friday I paid $6.99 for a 10-pound bag of potatoes. That same bag of spuds would have set me back for $2.99 as little as a year ago.

And as I was exiting the supermarket with my overpriced veggies in hand, I passed a guy wearing a T-shirt with that “Yes we can” bit emblazoned on it. And after a quick mumble to myself, I thought, Yes we can? Yes we can, what?

Exactly what are we doing?

It’s undeniable that our hard-earned dollars are not going near as far as they did but a few months ago. And with our economy darn near paralyzed, with economists doing their level best not to scare the hell out of us over our increasingly bleak and bleaker economic prospects, what are those 535 jackasses plus one in Washington D.C. up to?

Why, they are going to save the world. Their prohibitively expensive Cap & Trade fiasco, that unread 300-page bill, that regressive taxation in disguise, narrowly passed in the House and will be sent up to the Senate.

Yep, while the Chinese are calling for the replacing of the dollar as the world’s trading currency of choice, as banks, investors and countries the world over are quickly divesting themselves of dollars and while none other than economic guru himself, Warren Buffett, says we’re in some deep, deep economic dodo, the jackasses in Washington D.C. are all agog over global warming, climate change, or whatever the easily-led, card-carrying sheep call it this week.

Gee whiz, I just can’t wait until all of my utility costs soar to the heavens. This is gonna be great. I can’t wait. Thank you, jackasses.

Nah, they’re not working to reduce my cash outlay when I want something as basic as a baked potato. No, being much wiser than I’ll ever be, they are working to reduce my carbon footprint.

Yes we can, what?

Seriously, what the fu>k are these hapless jackasses doing?

I’d really love to hear from you loyal Democrats. Yeah, I’d love to hear someone try to justify this utter insanity. Tell me how it makes even an iota of sense. Tell me about how this country is on the right course. Go ahead, take a stab at it. Let’s hear the latest “Yes we can” hogwash from the folks who won‘t admit to their egregious voting mistake.

Before you fools put that arrogant, untested trainee in the White House, plenty of us warned you not to. We told you. Some of us told you that taxing money out of the economy is never a recipe for boosting the economy. We warned you that you ought not try to reinvent the wheel while it’s completely flat. We said it.

During periods of upheaval, adding more upheaval to the frightful mix does not put an end to the original upheaval. We told you. Unfortunately, you thought that we were exactly what you are, a party loyalist to the bitter end. So you didn’t want to hear it from the likes of us. Your favorite team is better, yes?

And as I’m typing this, your miracle man is turning this country upside down and recreating it to his personal liking. He doesn’t run it, he owns it. And what’s going to come about as a result is going to be so completely foreign to all of us, we won’t be able to recognize our own country.

And this health care nonsense? Cut me a freaking break. Any person with more than two functioning brain cells knows the federal government screws up damn near everything it touches. For example, Google Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ellie Mae, Waco, Texas, Ruby Ridge, or $75 toilet seats and tell me how all of that boondoggled bilge worked out.

Your messiah is not going to be able to deliver what is undeliverable. Not without punitive and unintended and unforeseen costs to our economy and our overall way of life. If those jackasses actually manage to put some sort of national health care in place, what you will notice almost immediately afterwards is the bureaucracy expanding to meet the needs of the ever-expanding bureaucracy. Same as it always was, done poorly.

And how can we expect health care or any other poorly thought-out reworking of our country to be done correctly when the jackasses are trying to ram everything through as quickly as humanly possible? How does that work?

It’s like watching a competitive cooking show on the Food Network. Chef‘s, here is your assignment. You have thirty minutes to redesign the convection oven, the clock starts now.

That’s what’s afoot in Washington D.C. at this very moment. Jackasses, redesign the entire country and all of it’s most critical inner workings and programs, you have thirty minutes, the clock starts now.

Does anyone dare tell me that passes as responsible leadership? Anybody want to give it a go? I really hate to break it to the hoodwinked believers, but audacity only counts for so much. As far as the all-knowing, all-seeing Barack Oblahblah is concerned, what he has going on is the audacity to pretend that he actually knows what he’s doing.

But, hey, you deserve it. You got what you thought you wanted. You got the unproven, untested political wunderkind. Through uninterrupted repetition, you allowed the media to convince you that you not only hated George Bush, you also hated anyone ever associated with him. And then you went and perpetrated a clear overreaction at the polls on election day. An overreaction that is going cost us all very dearly. An overreaction from which the damage done may not be undone during our now pitiful lives.

And did any of you notice that Oblahblah can’t put together a single paragraph without using the word “provide.” Sure, he’s going to snap his magic fingers and provide this, that and everything for everyone except those that don’t have their grubby little hands out. Meanwhile, did you also take notice of the fact that he’s going to provide this, that and everything for everyone except those that don’t have their grubby little hands out, while taking on more and more and more and more unpayable debts.

And therein lies the single biggest reason for his popularity to this point. As my sister always says during the run-up to any presidential election, “I’ll vote for whomever is going to give me the most.” Sadly, that’s the unthinking mindset of the left side of the political equation at this sorry point, gimme, gimme, gimme. I’m too lazy and stupid to secure health care on my own, so, please messiah, won’t you provide it for me?

Yeah, that’s that proverbial rugged individualism of ours gone full-blown emasculation. You’ve gone soft, you’ve gone lame, you’ve gone limp and you need that swelling federal teat just to make it through one more day.

So, I’d really love to hear it. I’d love some feedback from the “Yes we can” crowd. Do we appear to be in the capable hands of people with sound minds? Do we? Are any of you willing to admit to second-guessing your most recent votes? Are any of you man enough to admit that while you excitedly voted for the know-it-all messiah from out of nowhere, he ain’t it?

Yes we can, what?

Answer me that.



Mark said...


You hit the nail squarely on the head. The administrations goal is to remove all incentive for people to work to get ahead. Instead, everything will be subsidized (by us, the people who are productive).

By the way, I think the Cap and Trade bill was 1200 pages, with a 300 page addendum sent out at 4:00 am on the day of the vote, to add insult to injury.

victor said...

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