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Friday, January 7, 2011

$1,000,000 or: Surround & Drown

I was listening to all of the talk radio back-and-forth coming from both sides of the political aisle today as it pertained to new Speaker of the House John Boehner’s tendency to cry like a blabbering girlie whenever he encounters oxygen.

All of which got me to wondering about how often I’ve made with the tears routine. And here’s the list, which was verified by none other than Wifey.

2007: I cried when my brother died.
1988: I cried when my mother died.
1984: I cried when my grandfather died.
1980: I cried when my grandmother died.
1974: I cried when Marcia Brady left the airwaves.

My point? Enough with the bullsp*t mass apologist bit.

Tell the new Speaker of the fallen House to dial it back already and act like one of the big boys.


I know this is all public sector, union related (you know, like The Outer Limits meets The Twilight Zone on overtime), but here in the private sector an old adage applies: One ah-sh*t wipes out all atta-boys.

W-B fire personnel get big back pay

WILKES-BARRE – Call it a late Christmas present, a windfall or a late payment on what was owed all along.

Eighty-five present and former city firefighters are getting lump-sum payments from an arbitration battle with the city administration that ended last month.

Most of the firefighters are to receive $14,339 each, according to documents received by The Times Leader on Thursday in response to a Right-to-Know request.

There are some larger payments to the department assistant chiefs…

They tell me the payout could have been higher, but the union wanted the lights kept on in all 3 of our firehouses.

Damn, when a public sector union goes before an arbitrator, it can always go higher. And higher and higher and higher. When it comes to binding arbitration as it applies to public sector unions, there is no apogee to the expenditures.

Uh, $47,639 to not perform a policing function? Yikes! They tell me the generic sleeping pills are very affordable.

So much for whining about the concessions the firefighter’s union made to the city a few years back. That goodwill is blown all to hell. The initiative just burst into flames, as did the support of the taxpaying public.

Suddenly, "cleaning house" takes on a whole other meaning.

Will the last English-speaking resident of Wilkes-Barre to leave please drop off the keys to the city at fire headquarters?


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