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Saturday, August 31, 2013

He huffed...and he puffed...

And he chickened out all over again.

How many a "red line" can one charlatan draw and have eviserated before he comes across as a self-impressed, flailing jackass?

Another red line gone. His one deadline expired. Yet, he is on record as saying that any country that uses chemical weapons needs to be taken to task for having done so. Really? And what would young Barry Do-Wrong do if the Russians fired a chemical-laced shell or two into the Ukraine?

He---the sorry-assed phony---paints himself into corner after corner, and them wimps out and reinvents the corner.


Three more years of this jackassery?



D.B. Echo said...

Boy, Team IHateObama sure has it easy. You can curse out the President if he pulls the trigger, and you can curse out the President if he doesn't. The one you would consider an impeachable offense, the other an act of cowardice. Well, now the ball is in Congress's court, and they get to decide whether the United States is a nation of pussies that will give the O.K. to any tinpot dictator or world power that decides to use nerve gas against civilians, or whether we get involved in what may become a rapidly escalating war. Hey, we've given a pass to using chemical weapons against civilians before, under the senile idiot Ronald Reagan in 1988 when his good buddy Saddam Hussein used them in Iraq. And if Congress gives Assad the green light now, what's to stop Russia from using them the next time Chechnya or Georgia step out of line?

Your call, Congress. Cowardly acquiescence or possible war. Or, of course, they can just stay on vacation and do nothing. That's what they're best at.

Mark Cour said...

Dude, seriously?

He's been drawing red lines in the sand for a year. And now that the red line has been mockingly kicked back at him, now that he's unilaterally forward-deployed massive amounts of military assets that are in Harm's Way, then he holds a press farce and announces to the waiting world that he wants to fu>k with Congress some more?

Vacations? Oblahblah takes more time off than those collecting 99 weeks of unemployment!

And he all but said that any use of chemical weapons will be addressed by our military. So, if and when the gas is let loose, are we committed to attacking China, Russia, North Korea and/or Iran?

He's a flailing lunatic one errant shot short of WWIII!

The pencil-neck geek is an empty suit. He is a foolhardy charlatan. He is dangerously inept.

And, "dictators?"

Have no fear, he's doing his level best and then some to have the dictators replaced by Islmamist jihadists. See, Libya and Egypt for more on that.

Sorry, but threatening war and then pulling back so as to play politics is imbecility at it's most pronounced.

Congress didn't threaten anyone. Congress didn't play Stratego with our assets and our volunteers. And Congress didn't chicken out.

Oblahblah did all of that.

Nice try, though.