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Monday, November 11, 2013

One-liner circumlocuting

I keep hearing this reflexive, oft-repeated question regurgitated over and over again, first by the suddenly flailing Democrat party operatives, and now by the local myrmidons.

Be they local radio talk show hosts, or local bloggers, they demand to know what the Republicans propose as an alternative to the heavily listing Affordable Care Act debacle. What better ideas do those evil republicans have?

I’ll answer that swill-laden question with a question. Where is it written that any political party should have an alternative plan for a heavy-handed government takeover of one-sixth of the private sector? Freedom-erasing coercion is a plan?

Seriously, are you deluded people kidding me?

Obviously, partisan-based ideology run amok---idiocy---begets even more idiocy!

And what’s up with the two local newspapers allowing the nonstop parade of anonymously affixed libel, defamation, slander, mischaracterizations and out-of-context attacks otherwise known as “readers comments?”

How does that useless twaddle penned by blithering, cowardly idiots somehow pass as further discussion of the issues?

So, we have another shooting at Sherman Hills, and the predictably mental incontinents are calling for the heads of the mayor and the chief of police.

Honestly, I fail to see how the elected and appointed in Wilkes-Barre should be on the carpet simply because the out-of-town minorities seem completely incapable of resolving any dispute without gunplay?

Yep, minorities. Black-on black mayhem.

You wanted diversity…you got it!

Without an iota of doubt, this is the most entertaining radio talk show throughout all of NEPA.

Zane, Free Beer and Hot Wings.

Juvenile? Definitely. Outrageously funny? Ditto that aforementioned ‘definitely.’

WILK is fast losing me. I no longer listen to Webster & DNC Babe in the morning. I quit on the Irish, polka, I-can-kill-you, karate free-for-all dysfunction from 3-7 PM. I don’t see the point in Rush’s show, since nobody works, votes, pays taxes, stays sober, contributes or cares anymore.

But, I still love our down-to-earth Sue Henry, and probably always will.

Other than all of the above, I got nothin’.



Michelle Hryvnak Davies said...

Karate free-for-all made me laugh out loud.

Gort said...

We would be accused of being irresponsible bloggers if we allowed the kind on comments that are on the newspaper sights.

Mark Cour said...

Yeah, did I remind you again today that I could kill you with my bare hands but my "discipline" commands that I do otherwise?


As for those anonymous comments, both the CV and the TL need to do better than this.

I was sued for libel and slander and hate crimes in 2011. And I was sued because of comments posted by readers.

Just saying.

Gort said...

Was that the Chloe thing? No that was earlier. Send me an email about 2011.