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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home Rule austerity

Now that the voters of Luzerne County have gone and replaced their three red ink-stained commissioners with a home rule government, now the soon-to-be-departed commissioners are pitching cutbacks, layoffs and a quasi balanced budget.

Yes, with upwards of 18% of the operating budget devoted to debt service payments, with revenues shrinking and costs soaring, this budgetary cycle is no different than those that preceded it.

But, now that home rule is but days away from taking effect, now…now our commissioners are dead-set against more property tax increases, additional bond debt or the selling of county properties.

Nope. Now that the voters have given the commissioners an unceremonious heave-ho, now the commissioners have embraced sabotage as a form of fiscal responsibility.

Subterfuge, baby.

So the Feds are investigating City Vest’s mishandling of the $6 million the County had loaned to it.

$6 million was spent with little to show for it, the hulking Hotel Sterling is waiting on a wrecking ball and irate people are demanding answers. And while that’s all well and good and such, I expect that the grand jury will find no evidence of malfeasance.

Incompetence? Sure. Criminality? I doubt it.

Sure, I’ve heard all of the incessant rumblings on WILK…the rumors, the second-hand stories and the regurgitated suspicions. But here’s the scoop, you oft-enraged conspiracy theorists…

Try as you may, you cannot will the next round of corruption arrests and the like. There’s either corruption afoot, or there isn’t. And the tired attempts to create corruption out of thin air are starting to get very old.

Tear it down and move on to the next less than evidential right-to-know nugget.

Now that UGI has announced that natural gas rates will be reduced by 9%, do you suppose that the great majority of the anti-fracking noise will be muted?


No, he’s not a ‘tax and spend’ liberal. He’s a spend, spend and spend liberal.

What do you think of a guy who won’t post his name or his picture on his site, but he will post a picture of one of the mayor’s kids?

Time for some more horrendous hits on 'defenseless receivers.'


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