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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New garbage schedule

Things, times, situations and people change.

That’s how I explained it earlier today. It?

In short, since June the 30th…I have been busting my ball bearings. Lucky for me, I don't need them anymore. And as a result, Wifey and I are now residents of the Parsons section of Wilkes-Barre.

Save for the recent black-on-black (drug related!!!) shooting on Jay Street, it’s been downright boring up here. Not quiet, boring.

Before today, I was last cruising the Internet on that aforementioned date---June 30th. I made call after call to Bhopal, India. I talked to Patel after Patel, and all the while desperately trying but failing to decipher their repeated miscommunications to me. Barely discernable mutterings, in fact. Finally, I uttered some international language whereas business is concerned---Either turn it on or cancel my effing account! And just like that, here I am.

Note: Call centers servicing English-speaking peoples ought to be staffed by English-speaking people.

Thanks to this hot stretch of working by day and moving by night, I am far, far behind on the latest news, the local electronic buzz and all of that. And as of this moment, I could really care less.

As for the recent move from the Nord End to Parsons, I offer this: If all of this so-called “diversity,” criminality and reverse-gentrification gets a serious foothold in this neighborhood, my next move will be to one of those bucolic corners of the county where folks are allowed a chicken or two, a hog, a burn barrel and a few junkyard dogs out front. A place where there are no ordinances prohibiting a person from riding the rider mower in their boxer shorts.

Can you say “double-wide?”

Opal! You hot ‘lil bitch!