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Friday, September 20, 2013

Where's my exemption?

The push is on…big time.

The push to further paint Republicans as inherently racist, senior-killing, baby-starving sycophants bent on denying you and yours affordable health care is going full-steam ahead.

Yes, the folks who call themselves progressives and the like because doing so pumps up their emaciated chests are in lockstep: Republicans want to barbecue and devour your children. Or some such disingenuous screed.

Here’s the fatal flaw in the “law of the land”…the so-called Affordable Health Care act.


If they pass a law, and then spend month after month after month exempting disparate groups (core voters) from the financial pain the law promises, then the law is not being equally applied. And if it’s not being equally applied to all, it’s complete bullspit.

All of which reminds me of the unconstitutional sin taxes the limp-wrested leftists feel so justified in arbitrarily and unilaterally doling out.

I should pay more in taxes because you do not approve of my new-found politically incorrect behavior? Really? Who the fu>k made you God’s attorney general?

In conclusion, if you are exempted from financial ruin and I am not, despite all of your name-calling, finger-pointing and soap-box proclamations from the supposed moral higher ground, you are not only lying to me, you are lying to yourself.

And, apparently, you don’t mind being a mindless partisan, a self-impressed prevaricator for the Prevaricator-in-Chief.


What suppresses economic activity?


Thanks for that.


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