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Friday, October 4, 2013

CSO time trials?

Call me crazy, but I'm thinking we should reconsider the re-figuring of our Combined Sewage Outflows, if and when our cities, states and Fedrule overlords deliver themselves from insolvency.

Yeah, I know I'm nuts.

And I also know that cheap thrills beat lying on a couch watching morons being moronic at the behest of a moronic director.

No biggie.



Don Williams said...

Let's find one of those! When my red tandem hits the bottom at that speed, we may have to issue a tsunami alert for a fifty mile radius.

Mark Cour said...

That is dope!

Count me in, provided that Wifey thinks we're off to a Star Trek convention.

Man, living in Pennsylmuckfu>k is the pits.