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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Extend the, uh, mistake?

After having to hear the Democrats, the media and academia relentlessly assail the ‘Bush tax cuts’ as the worst thing since the advent of fully-automatic BB guns for the better part of a decade, from the leader of the three-headed spending hydra comes the call to extend those hated tax cuts for another two years.

Say what?

Makes about as much sense as their preferred border policy…the Swiss Cheese Act.

And by he way, if Sen. Harry Reid disappeared without even a trace, do you think anyone would notice?

Dingbats all!

Just for the sake of public health and safety, I need to respond to a reader comment.

Anonymous said...

On a side note a local company has Steri-Fab which is used by (as per state law) rental agency to disinfect rental furniture. It does kill bed bugs.

they have a web site

just throwing that out there

December 9, 2010 6:43 AM

Steri-Fab will kill the bedbugs it comes in contact with before drying, but it has no residual effect. Most importantly, it will not interrupt the breeding cycle, which means it will not stop the nearly invisible (often less than 1 mm) eggs from hatching.

The only way to prevent the next generation from appearing is through the use of synergists as well as growth regulators.

My point is as follows…if you discover that you have an issue with these most resilient of pests, buying products over the counter in an attempt to save some money will almost assuredly result in a catastrophic failure.

Consider how much shrink wrap you’d need to purchase for the purposes of removing your infested furniture when the garbage hopper is delivered to your home. And then add in the cost of someone who’s expertise and experience you will need.

I’m not saying there are not any do-it-yourself approaches to pest control that work. What I’m saying is, if you go it alone with bedbugs, in the end you’re going to be very, very sorry that you did.

And the bite, er, the beat goes on.

From the Citizens’ Voice:

Bedbugs' bite felt in Kingston

My favorite part: Management of Daniel J. Flood Tower, owned by Philadelphia-based Pennrose Properties, hosted a meeting Wednesday with residents. However, the specific issue of bedbugs at the tower was never addressed. A pest control specialist gave a presentation on bedbugs and how to combat them.

(What sayeth you, KD?)

Williams' son, Don, said management was, or should have been, aware that the apartment below his mother was infested at the time she developed rashes that were consistent with bedbug bites.

"Because none of the residents were alerted to the problem, they did not aggressively treat this or communicate with people to warn them," Don Williams said.

DING!!! We have a winner.

Reactive rather than proactive. Or in other words, too late. Page 1. Bummer.

Coming soon: “Tax cuts for the rich” or: Why I am so easily-led


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