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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"One of those things"

Since I know a thing or two about bedbugs, this one certainly caught my eye. As a matter of full disclosure, I spent the better part of this afternoon dealing with said creatures.

From the Times Leader:

Bedbugs infesting Kingston high-rise

Excerpt #1: KINGSTON – The management company that runs the largest independent high rise in Kingston was served with a compliance letter after a municipal code officer’s investigation turned up signs of a bedbug infestation on Monday.

Home to 200 residents, the 16-story Daniel J. Flood Towers has had an ongoing bedbug problem in at least two units, prompting Code Enforcement Officer Joe Marut to take official action by ordering the property’s management firm to alleviate the problem.

He issued a compliance letter after an inspection turned up dead bedbugs in Unit 10C. He gave the property management firm, Pennrose Properties in Philadelphia, 10 days to begin correcting the problem.

Excerpt #2 (much more fun): Paul Sassani, regional vice president of operations for Pennrose Properties, said the report of bedbugs in the complex was “one of those things.” He said the problem is hard to prevent and even harder to eradicate when you’re talking about a high-rise apartment complex with so many residents coming and going.

One of those things? One of those things? Let us go there.

Trust me, this can only be “one of those things” so long as those things in question are not cohabiting with you. Or should I say, feeding off of you. As in, feeding directly from your blood supply.

No, when it's your house, your bed, your blood's an emergency.

What this guy needs is less CYA and a heavy dose of compassion. Oh, and property managers that realize the scope of the problem before it becomes an emergency. A problem that can go from being an annoying incident to a full-blown, out-of-control infestation in the blink of an eye.

Whatever. Time for Chef Ramsey.


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Anonymous said...

On a side note a local company has Steri-Fab which is used by (as per state law) rental agency to disinfect rental furniture. It does kill bed bugs.

they have a web site

just throwing that out there