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Monday, October 4, 2010

All Smiles

The Pittston Dispatch?

What in the hell is that?

October 3
Random news notes

Of the 13 municipalities in the Dispatch coverage area only one, Wyoming Borough, is in the 10th congressional district where Republican Tom Marino is running against incumbent Democrat Chris Carney.

I live in Wyoming and to me Tom Marino’s relationship with Lou DeNaples doesn’t matter a whit. I don’t care that he “lied” to Steve “Everything-Is-All-About-Me” Corbett, the radio talk show host who so graciously moved back here from California to enlighten all us coal crackers.
By the way, if it were revealed that the state homeland security department was spying on, say, Tea Party activists or pro-drilling activists instead of anti-drilling activists Corbett would be touting the department director James F. Powers for a medal.

Anyway back to Marino.

What matters is not that he was a reference for DeNaples, what matters is the answer to this question: how will Marino vote if he’s elected to Congress?

If you want to continue the Pelosi-Reed-Obama agenda vote for Carney, if you don’t, vote for Marino. Simple as that.

Corbett’s “Gotcha” set up of Marino on the radio is meaningless.

While Mr. Smiles couldn't be more wrong about Tom Marino's issues if he tried while on steroids, he outright nailed Corbett's constant yearning for attention.

Not nearly as important as, say, scouting for the purposes of winning at fantasy football. Still and all, there it is. Smiles and all.


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