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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Splattering at the polls

Let’s see here, the latest data points out that 41.8 million Americans are collecting some amount of what used to be called food stamps.

And according to White House estimates, that number is expected to rise to 43.3 million by the beginning of the next fiscal year. Uh, that would be now.

Then I read that 9.18 million Americans are collecting some amount of unemployment compensation. And it’s estimated by the government that at least half that many have exhausted their unemployment benefits and are now sh*t out of luck. You know, like, on suicide watch.

But don’t sweat it because your complete slacker of a kid can now remain on your health care plan until the ripe old age of 26. Well, that’s assuming you even have a job or an employer-sponsored health care plan.

And with those horrifying numbers pointing out the stark realities we face as a fast-failing nation, our elected officials have basically convened for a month so as to hit the election trail.
The Republicans are promising some budgetary restraint. And the Democrats have reduced themselves to wall-to-wall mudslinging since they do not want their recent record mentioned, not even for a fleeting instant.

The Republicans are promising better, while the Democrats are calling their opponents witches and whatnot.

The women’s homeless shelter behind this here modest adobe, Ruth’s Place, is expanding so as to be able to accommodate more from the swelling ranks of those made recently homeless. And if this doesn’t beat all, it’s using federal stimulus dollars to do as much.

Speaking of the misapplied stimulus dollars, it’s obvious to even those of us who were smashed in the head one too many times as kids that those mostly wasted dollars created temporary work, not life-sustaining permanent jobs.

My point?

I said a long ways back, in print, that when the tire goes flat, you repair it, not reinvent it.

And this is where Barack and Co. seriously miscalculated. They mistakenly tinkered with damn near everything while incorrectly assuming that the cyclical economy would bounce back all on it’s own. And soon after taking the reigns, members of the president’s cabinet admitted as much, that they thought the economic depression would fade in due time. As in, before the mid-term elections.

Basically, the enormity of their overly ambitious and ill-timed agenda was matched only by their amateurish responses to a growing economic calamity.

While the troubling economic trends some 20 months ago required capable and committed leadership, what we got instead was an overly ambitious far left-of-center agenda that added nothing but uncertainties to the turbulent economic mix. And adding heaps of uncertainty to a free market economy is akin to promoting the chain-smoking of cigarettes as a way of enhancing prepubescent growth.

So here we are less than a month before those aforementioned mid-term elections, and the folks in charge of all three branches of the Fedrule Govmint are hiding in their little hidey holes and churning out press releases warning us of the possibility of witchcraft coming from the right?

This is it? With the country in serious, serious decline, this is all they’ve got…the wall-to-wall mudslinging?

Kiddies, there is a well-deserved political bloodletting afoot.

I’ll see you at the polls. I'll be the one wearing the Tyvex suit. Watch out for the blood splatter.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you're right, the DEMS are about to get slapped back into the 80's.

But that won't stop Barry and the Mrs....they will dig in their heels even further. We will see Gridlock DC style while the country continues to gasp.

Too bad I'm just hearing about Tim Mullen now..he might have had a chance.