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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hope for change

I’m not going to tell anyone how to vote in the upcoming elections. I’m fairly certain most of you already have your minds made up on all of that.

Still and all, when one political party holds the White House, the House and the Senate for two years while the country is but one more flamed-out engine from going into a death spiral, and when that party in power tells us that we should fear what the other party has to offer, I’m here to tell you to chortle at the party in power. Uh, right before you vote the condescending lot of them off to the political graveyard.

I was listening to WILK earlier today, and I kept hearing “Big Pharma” over and over again. Big Pharma, yeah, the continuing ill-advised vulcanization through villainization. You see, to hear those envious of wealth generation tell the tale, it’s not the politicians screwing up our country and our lives. No, it’s those BIG outfits that, by the way, employ people, those outfits still paying livable wages. Big Pharma. Big Oil. Big Gas. Big Insurance. And those poisoning us by way of big, big, big, big Big Macs.

Oh, and according to that dimwitted charlatan in the White House, now we’ve got the Big Chamber of Commerce to contend with.

When complete sophistry of thought becomes your oft-repeated talking point, you have relegated yourself to being laughably unintelligible bordering on unimportant.

I work for a big, big outfit. A global outfit. And in return for my superlative efforts on their behalf, they take good care of me. I make a better then decent wage. I have oodles and oodles of good benefits. I like my health care plan. I have a large measure of prestige, being that I’m working for a company that was named “America’s Finest.” Longevity and market share suddenly come to mind. In other words, I’m not hurting for much of anything, which provides a big time hint as to my political party affiliation.

Ever notice how that party affiliation delineation usually breaks down?

Those who want or need a government stipend of some sort go hard left. Those who want or need to succeed all on their own go a decidedly right of center way. Written in stone it is.

But to hear the divisive class warriors frequently spin it, I figure it’s only a matter of time before it becomes obvious that I work for Big Chemical or Big Pesticide. You know, those evil companies that reward people for a job well done. Those private sector moving targets. Those evil companies that regularly meet payrolls every two weeks. Those evil bastards that still provide paychecks.

Remember them? Paychecks? Paychecks rather than unemployment compensation? Paychecks rather than state-supplied Access cards?

What we have at stake come November 2nd is a question of self-determination versus subservience.

Do you want the opportunity to be gainfully employed and enjoy some semblance of self-determination? Or do you want to have to report directly to a government social worker every time your enterprising 16-year-old works even a smidgen of overtime? Do you want to have to report directly to a government social worker every time you need even a suture or two? Do you want to have to appear on bent knee before some hapless jackass like Mayor "Nanny State" Bloomberg if your grandmother’s handed-down, kick-ass recipe calls for more than a teaspoon of salt?

All that the Democrats are offering us is more Big Government. And on their frightfully destructive watch, Big Government has become too intrusive, too expansive, too expensive, too economically retarding and too, too tyrannical.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell anyone how to vote in the upcoming elections.

Hope for change.

Big change.


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