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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mullen endorsements

For Immediate Release—October 4, 2010
Contact: Lou Jasikoff at or Joyce at 570-285-3500


KINSGTON – From the Mullen headquarters at Kingston Corners, the campaign announced today the first of a series of public endorsements showing the broad based support Tim Mullen is getting in his quest to become the first Libertarian elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly. “While the other campaigns begin the usual smear tactics that we are all so accustomed to in local politics, the Tim Mullen Campaign will continue with a positive approach highlighting Tim's service to community and country while pointing to the benefits of electing an independent third party that would put a set of fresh eyes on the doings of the old parties in Harrisburg” said Lou Jasikoff, spokesman for the Mullen campaign.

"If we had more individuals like Tim who are sincere in bringing back democracy to our country we would be again the leading country in the world. Its been my pleasure to know Tim and to support him in his efforts to change the climate in this State. We’ve only just begun. Thank you for all your hard work."—Grace Griffin, President CAPTAXES

"Due to the never ending corruption and stagnant political atmosphere caused by career politicians I am supporting Tim Mullen. Tim will bring a breath of fresh air for the hard working taxpayers of Luzerne County." —John Cordora, 2006 Republican Candidate, 120th District, State of Pennsylvania

"I fully support Tim Mullen for State Representative in the 120th. Tim has lived in the area his entire life; Tim has done three tours in Iraq; he is a Bronze Star recipient and Tim is NOT a career politician! Tim fought for all of us in Iraq and now it's time we fight for Tim Mullen!"--Joyce Dombroski Gebhartdt Republican Committeewoman, 5th District NE PA/ Luzerne County.

“I support Tim Mullen for State Representative because I believe Phyllis Mundy has become too comfortable in her position and that we need new representation in Harrisburg. Tim will bring new insight to property tax relief, strong moral values and he will change the old school mentality of our state and local governments."—Kurt Santayana, Elected Democrat Luzerne Councilman

"I am endorsing Tim because of his Property tax elimination pledge to the people of the 120th. No other candidate will make this pledge"—Michael J. Baloga Republican Wyoming Boro Coucilman

“It is time to put party politics aside for the better good of the community and it is why you see a Tim Mullen sign in my yard. I will be supporting Tim Mullen for State representative come election time this November.”--Jason Tarreto, Democrat Luzerne Councilman

"I've known Tim for 15 years. He is a dedicated nurse. Tim has given freely when in my greatest need. The citizens of Luzerne would be well served by electing a man of his character to represent them in Harrisburg."--Peg Miller, Mother of fallen State Trooper Joshua Miller

Tim Mullen concluded “I want to thank all those that are supporting me both publicly and privately. In the face of political repercussions they are today's true patriots putting party politics aside for the greater good. I welcome and thank each and every one of them"

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If I could, I'd vote for him.


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