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Friday, October 14, 2011

All we need now is the bearded-lady

And they wondered aloud as to why I--the Wilkes-Barre resident who forgot more about how a city of this size operates and suchwhat than the current crop of insurgents will ever know--stopped attending council meetings. Why? I point to the following redundancy on parade...

Citizens' Voice: Circus atmosphere at W-B council meeting

Sorry and all, but the best clowns in this town come only once a year by train and then march themselves and their bevy of elephants up to the shiny arena on the asphalt-covered hill. Last I checked, this particular circus has been perpetrated upon Wilkes-Barre far too many times by the same old tired clowns.

Ah, but with the lazy local media enabling the greatest clown show on earth, the show will most certainly go on.

A talent-starved three-ring circus? That somehow passes as a campaign?



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