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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WBPD: Luzerne County's finest

Yesterday, two Wilkes-Barre police officers as well as a Luzerne County sheriff's deputy faced what no law enforcement officer wants to face: having to brandish and then discharge a firearm. Yet, they saw their duty and they did it.

I know many of these people we take for granted on most days are former members of the military. And some were decorated members, or members of special forces units and the like.

While many in Wilkes-Barre may not perceive a gunfight to be of any special signifigance in this oft-troubling era dominated by societal decay and high-profile crimes, I see the sacrifice that is doing what some were once sworn to do, no matter how brief and potentially life-altering as it may have been as proof that some of us still believe in ideals, standards, mottos and a greater good.

On my honor...

Or dare I continue...For God and country.

Here, here!


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Larry Schultz said...

Mark,,,,,,,,,,, I totally agree. Kudos to the WBPD and the sheriffs deputy. They never get the credit they deserve for protecting the citizens of WB. I hope that any situations that arise in the future have the same outcome. People have no idea what these fine people in uniform do for them on a daily basis.