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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another election, another...

Another nod goes to Fireman Dan on this link…

What we have going on is a rapidly approaching election neatly coinciding with the sudden emergence of yet another incendiary, inflammatory, name-calling blogger inane enough to mistakenly believe that a new blog with absolutely no following at all could alter the course of local history in a few short weeks.

The link: Wake Up Wilkes-Barre!

Seriously, this predictable malarkey plays out as if by rote with every turn of the election season calendar. Another election, another short-lived, fire-breathing blogger.


The big difference in this case is that the accusatory claptrap seriously devoid of any actual documentation is coming from one of the direct players in said election, from the campaign manager of one of the candidates.

And even though the site itself is more ill-conceived and ill-prepared than is the so-called candidacy of the author’s candidate, going forward, it’s even more ill-advised if said author ever hopes to be taken seriously as a local political player.

In reiteration, another election, another short-lived, fire-breathing blogger. What else is new?

If I actually tagged my posts, I’d tag this one as a soon-to-be “defunct blog” and “political graveyard.” Perhaps even a “political suicide.”

If what you really want is astute political analysis of the local variety, stick with the trusted mainstays such as Gort and Yonki. Oh, yeah, and myself when I have one of those rare moments of clarity.

Wake up W-B!!!

Yeah, whatever.


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