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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anonymity revisited

I say again, I am not here to defend any of Walter’s angry words sent via e-mail.

But, being somewhat bored at this moment, I do feel the need to respond to a reader’s comment attached to my last post:

Anonymous said...

Just one question, if you advised Walter prior to not respond to anon attacks and he did then and did again in an ill tempered way, is it just an occasional flub or rather a pattern of immaturity? Like the original poster stated, it is one thing to lose your temper, but to write it down, read it over and then send it takes time, possibly enough time for a mature rational person to opt not to send it. And since he was advised by someone with blogging chops such as yourself and did not heed your advise on more than one occasion also perhaps demonstrates a lack of reason necessary for the job of controller. I don't think anyone is really worried about Walter being the next Steve Flood. He is emotionally not at Mr. Flood's level. As far as his concerns about his family, he should have been man enough to be upfront with them. Anon political attacks have been going on since the founding of the country. Jefferson financed newspapers under various names to attack Adams. This is nothing new in the internet age, it has been going on for not years, not decades, but centuries. Walter is a good man, however, I too am no reconsidering my vote. I have already removed his yard signs from my properties. I want passion, I want independence, but I do not want a controller who runs amok. I don't want a politician who doesn't realize that the only rules are, there are no rules. As I stated he should have been a man and been honest with his family. Anyone who knew this was out there should have known it was fair game. No one attacked his family, they went after a man who appears extremely self-righteous when he attacks others. He attacks character flaws in others, then goes off on a tantrum when his are exposed.As the original poster stated I too feel the same way. I don't care about the past. I care about the present and his response is not leadership. He had time, he had advise and he had a delete button... He chose to ignore all.

May 13, 2009 11:09 PM

I really thought we were done with this topic as of yesterday. Did I not say, “Vote your conscience, man?”

Vote, already. Do it. Why keep on belaboring this needless and pointless thing to death? It is what it is, whatever it is that it amounts to for you.

Although, I fail to see how there are any parallels between our founding fathers--wealthy men all--politicking on each other during the fledgling days of this country, and any current internet anonymous coward (who’s entire financial, emotional and personal outlay in this matter amounts to less than a pile of dried-up dog sh*t) going and smearing people in the name of his or her phony baloney, feigned, nonexistent “journalism.”

If there is an unmistakable historical context to what happens when you set about to fu>k with a man’s land, his treasure, or his women; it’s that doing so will likely get you savagely attacked at the very least, or killed at the absolute worst.

But to hear you tell it after you appointed yourself as an on-the-spot history professor, Walter had no right to be angered. Um, I really hate to say it, but that’s the worst sort of prevarication I‘ve had the misfortune of running across of late.

So, you tell me. Was the anonymous fool who set all of this in motion doing us a public service, or was he or she (it) purposefully trying to discredit one candidate for the benefit of an unseen, unnamed other? Was this all done on the up-and-up, or is this yet another glaring example of the bottom feeders rising up from the bottom of the internet sea of anonymity?

Jefferson? Adams?

High-minded, listen-to-me-tell-it-from-my-anonymous-soapbox gibberish all!

Tell me, do you admire those guys? And, if so, do you also admire those who endeavor to destroy others, while pretending to be something they are obviously not…a journalist? In your suddenly backward-looking mind trying to justify what ought not be justified, since it happened a couple hundred years ago, it’s perfectly justifiable even now? Is that all that you’ve got?

You’re basing your argument, you’re grounding your argument on the actions of our founding fathers, while trying to associate them with the actions of this area’s lone internet pariah? Man, I have to tell you, to attempt to do so is to disassociate your entire effort from reality. You have discorporated yourself from the conversation.

What you had here was a self-absorbed, attention-starved pussy long, long-tired of looking in from the edge of the periphery doing the bidding of yet another pussy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Vote your conscience, man.


It seems that one David Foglietta is up to it again. “It” being his unrelenting mission to serious annoy the folks that toil away at WILK.

From the e-mail inbox:

Marc: The WILKies are threatening to sic the polizei on me again affter I called Corbett, et al., about his cousin, the illegitimate Trish, the Accidental Judge. I left some choice morsels on the voice mail of lynn, Corbett, and Nancy. I only used bad language with Lynn. Stay tuned....DEF

Be lenient to lobsters and ever kind to crabs....

Okay, Dave. I’ll be watching for a mention of you in the police blotter. Yeah, and remember to cover your face during your “perp walk.”

Keep up the good, um…work, Dave.

As far as my promised interview with a prospective school board member is concerned, I forwarded my overdue questions, my overdue interview along earlier today. So, I’m hoping to publish the response soon enough.

And with election day but hours away, I’d be shocked if that response took too long to come back at me. But, be warned, the questions I submitted were anything but cookie cutter.

Thing is, if this guy is as sharp as I believe him to be, he’ll handle those informational prompts with ease.

While the media and the populace seems totally focused on the courthouse and the numerous scandals that have erupted from within it’s walls, I got to wondering…

What of the Jamie Lake investigation? Yeah, what’s the latest on the authorities’ investigation of, and the unexplained disappearance of James P. Lake of JPL Investments fame?

As he always said on WILK, “It’s your money.”

So, where has your money gone?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Never said if the founding fathers did it it was justified, just said it happens. It will always happen, whether you or me or anyone likes it or not. And those who get into the arena have to learn to deal with it. Do you think it will be any better if he wins? His enemies will only strive harder to dig up more dirt, much like you used to do with Kevin Lynn on another site. Of course, you had the balls to put your name to it. Again, this anon b.s. can not be credited to just the internet, it has been going on since before the world wide web. I am not justifying it, I do not like it either, it is a reason I would never run for office. I would not expose my family to the b.s.. But my biggest concerns are with all the advise Walter still got into it with this person.
One more thing I and many I know would have never know of this incident or Walter's response if you didn't call attention to it here.