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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I done my civic duty

This was my lone telephone treat last night:

“Hi. I’m Daniel Zola and I’m calling…”



While most polibloggers cannot resist the urge to dazzle you with political insights and the like on election day, I can and will resist that urge. Thing is, I don’t really feel like writing today. Not even a little. So, even though this does qualify as a blog post, I’d liken it more to a day off for Markie. I'm gonna snuggle up with the PC version of Civilzation IV, and waste a few hours.

I arrived at my polling place at 6:55 AM, got in line, and I was registered as Voter #8. Or as I said to WILK’s Sue Henry much earlier today: I voted early but not often.

Here’s the rundown (how I voted) on what I believe are the most crucial of votes:

County Controller: Walter Griffith

County Judge: Michael Blazick & William Amesbury

County Prothonotary: Carolee Medico Oleginski

Wilkes-Barre School Board: Harry Haas & Christine Katsock.

That’s right, I voted for two, and only two. As in…two neophytes.

Home Rule: Yes

Study Commission: Walter Griffith & Charmaine Maynard.

The remaining 18 people are complete enigmas, completely unknown to me, so I voted for only the two I know enough about, but who seem ultimately qualified.

And that’s it.

Good luck to all. And after tomorrow, we'll have nothing left to argue about. And a hell of a lot less to blog about.

Them’s all of my thoughts for today.



Gort said...
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Gort said...

I voted for Christine. She just may win this time.