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Monday, May 4, 2009

New location, same old madness

Welcome to my new internet haunt.

If you’re reading this, you have to have already figured out that Wilkes-Barre Online has gone tits up. That it has.

I started that site on December 2, 2000, and I immediately made many new friends as well as countless hordes of new enemies. My goal was to highlight just how bad off Wilkes-Barre was in those days, and to bring attention to the fact that Wilkes-Barre needed bold, new leadership. And in both of those ill-advised but heady pursuits, I succeeded and then some.

There was a time when Wilkes-Barre Online was commonly referred to as Wilkes-Barre’s third newspaper. I can’t even recall how many times local residents told me they started each new day with a cup of coffee, the Times Leader, the Citizens’ Voice and Wilkes-Barre Online. And in many respects, that site was in fact a third take, a different, more abrasive, more acerbic take on the local goings-on. But, at least for me, it’s time has come and gone. And lately, it’s been an anchor of sorts.

For example, very recently, a city council lady took a very public shot at the City Administrator over some monies he was paid for working diligently over the years on our security camera network that is about set to come to fruition. And rather than bring controversy to a worthwhile project not even off the drawing board just yet, he returned said monies and got back to work.

And as a result, I received mocking e-mails accusing me of sidestepping that issue because, as one of the nincompoops put it, “..because J.J. is your buddy.”

Incorrect, dork. I did not write about it because in my mind it was a total non-issue. But, that’s the expectation, that Wilkes-Barre Online, Wilkes-Barre’s former third news outlet, will cover any news, political and otherwise, coming out of the city as if by rote.

So, as of today, let it be known that it is no longer my “job” to cover all things Wilkes-Barre. If something catches my eye, pisses me off or excites me to no end, I’ll be writing about it. If I enjoy some adventure of some sort, expect to hear about it here. But, for the record, my focus is no longer restricted to what may or may not come out of City Hall. Wilkes-Barre Online is no more.

Another good reason for the creation of this new internet oasis is just plain jealousy on my part. I really don’t feel like writing four and five thousand word epics anymore. I want to do what the great majority of the other bloggers do. Namely, cut and paste someone else‘s work into it, write 50 or 75 words of my own and call it a post.

Okay, while that’s not entirely accurate as to what my true intentions are, I seek some ease of use at this point. A typical post of mine of late was akin to trying to march 20 battle-readied ground divisions into a full frontal ground assault. What I want is more like what you’d expect of a smallish rapid deployment force parachuted in behind enemy lines. I want to strike, strike fast and furiously and then get the hell out. Hence, the new site, but most importantly, the new format.

If I post 4,000 words today, so be it. If I post 75 words and a picture come tomorrow, there it is. The point is, it’ll be easier for me to post, so I’m fairly certain I’ll be posting much more than the once a week as I’ve been reduced to lately. Depending on your perspective, that’s either a good thing or a bad thing, but that’s where I’m at.

As far as the reader’s comments are concerned, have at it. Go for it. I truly do not care in the least what the too-many-to-count anonymous sissies of the world have to say about much of anything. I will not be held accountable for any of it, but I will delete any slanderous malarkey that elicits a complaint from the slandered.

Anyway, this is where you can find me and my swirling vortex of a mind from here on out. I’ll leave the old Web site up for a while so as to not confuse the occasional visitors, but it’s not long for this electronic, make-believe world of ours.

So, them there’s the reasons for the abrupt (for you perhaps, but not for me) move. Had enough circumlocuting for one day, you dummies?



Anonymous said...

Welcome Mark, I appreciate your Blog and your committment as well. Thanks for staying with the rat race and thanks for keeping us inormed as well.

Walter Griffith Jr

Tom Carten said...

First, welcome to Blogspot (for what that's worth), from your fellow 'spotter.

I'd rather read your thoughts on a daily basis edited down to the essentials, rather than a full-length rantin' ramble anytime.

It's nothing against the old format, but I think it would be easier to follow and would cause you to focus a little sharper. IMHO.

Peter Finch, the legendary Howard Beale in "Network," would be proud of you.

Tom Carten
"Things At King's"

D.B. Echo said...

Yes, welcome! And since Blogspot blogs automatically have an Atom (or RSS) feed (I don't remember which), now I cam be automatically informed when you have an update!

Michelle D said...

I'm also adding Marc to my RSS :)

Gort said...

Now we don't have to wait until Sunday to get our fix.

D.B. Echo said...

What will you be doing with the Wilkes-Barre Online archives? There's a lot of stuff there. I would hate to see it vanish into the ether.

Regarding your comment about "cut-and-paste with commentary" posts:

Up until this past week, George Will has alternated the last-page column in Newsweek with Anna Quindlen. Quindlen published her final column this week, and the last word in her last paragraph is "will" - either a total coincidence or something meaningful, I'm not sure. A few years back, George Will published a column that consisted almost entirely of someone else's commencement address, with a brief paragraph of introduction and a few sentences of rebuttal. I looked at that and thought How much are they paying him for this? This is the act of a third-rate blogger! But then I thought better of it. Except when he is waxing poetic about baseball, George Will's column is generally a pile of erudite blather unworthy of inclusion in the blogosphere.