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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I cannot speak for anyone else, but this Blogger platform has become increasingly unstable for me of late.

It started a couple of weeks ago when the posting of more than one picture became all but impossible. Soon afterward, posting a single picture became a tenuous chore.

The reason I switched to Blogger in the first place was to avoid having to deal with HTML and Javascript coding. But very recently, I've been repeatedly forced to alter the misapplied HTML in my posts.

Then some of you complained that I was blocking your ability to comment, when that was not the case. After quite a bit of head scratching and noodling around, we figured out that Blogger had changed the commenting process by intsalling spam filters. Something they failed to make reaily apparent to me.

So, now that we've bumbled our way through that morass, it has come to my attention that comments that were to have been deleted were actually published. And this is a first, a single comment was actually attached to two indiviual posts. (?)

Anyway, I have deleted the comments deemed to be offensive. And I have also suspended the ability for readers to comment, since I have now come to distrust this entire platform.

I've been writing on the Internet since December 2, 2000. And while we've explored many issues over these many years, never have we gotten into accusations that could not be proven, or anything that could be construed as personal in nature.

That was sound policy when I started, and nothing has changed.


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