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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dump the Chump in 2012

There's not much going on on my end. Zach, Jeremy and I enjoyed a spirited walkabout throughout the Nord End earlier today.

I received a rather impersonal e-mail invitation to the upcoming blogger/candidate event to be held up there in Pittston, but I seriously doubt that I'll bother to make an appearance. The thing is, no matter how hard I force myself to try, I cannot get myself even a little excited about the impending primary election. My reasons will follow after the paragraph break.

I don't care what the latest polling data may suggest, we've got a pencil-neck geek recently escaped from academia running the economy of the country into the jagged rocks awash with ocean spray. We're going down fast. We're going down hard. And if the geek actually secures a second term in the White House, there will be no coming back from the damage already done, as well as the damage soon to be done.

With all of that having been typed, how am I supposed to get excited about any of the multitudes of candidates running for the multitudes of local offices? Um, because they seem to be the best of the rest whereas the implementation of austerity programs are concerned?

Be it City Council, the soon-to-be seated Luzerne County Council, magistrate, judge or what have you, all of the people to be elected next month will become impromptu bean counters like none that came before them.

The Fedrule Govmint is melting down financially, and with those formerly engorged Fedrule teats now gone all but dry, our city and state governments, as well as our local school districts are now doing the previously unthinkable by instituting austerity programs. In fact, while the initial budget cuts may seem to be draconian in nature, they will easily be dwarfed by what is likely to follow.

My point?

Well, nothing really matters until we unceremoniously dump the clueless 'community organizer' chump from Chicago. Not really.

It's time to dispense with this foolish and destructive notion that only the recipients of entitlements and union members matter, and get this country back to work...back on it's feet.

As for the hordes of locals trying to get themselves elected in these denuded parts, until we dump that aforementioned chump in 2012 with all corresponding and thoroughly deserved glee, all that they need to do is tell us how we will balance our increasingly strained budgets. That is, how we'll do much less with less and less.

Other than that, I'm in a pretty good mood.


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