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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Intemperate musings

I really haven’t been in the mood for this during this past week.

Professionally speaking, I am on the verge of being overwhelmed. I’m almost in need of some Icy/Hot patches, and it’s early yet. That is to say, I’m fast approaching needing help from my sometime sidekick.

And if you know anything at all about termite biology, this makes no sense being that March was too cold to be conducive to termite activity.

With record high temperatures predicted for tomorrow, the swarms will begin in earnest. Wish me luck. Or ill. Don’t much matter to me.

Despite the fact that the out-of-control Fedrule Govmint is cooking the books whereas inflation, unemployment, deficits and the so-called “recovery” is concerned, we should all feel good that that very same government has set about to ruin Barry Bonds.

Priorities, people. Priorities.

Speaking of priorities, now that the promised government shutdown has been averted at the very last nanosecond, all that’s left to do is figure out which political party benefited by these needless experiments in politics as insanity. And that’s a tough one, iffin' you've been huffing kerosene.

Do the Democrats benefit because they have demonstrated that they will deficit-spend no matter what? And to the point of financial ruination?

Or do the Republicans benefit because they don’t want the Fedrule deficit to outnumber the number of heavenly bodies in the entire universe?

Well, since damn near all Americans seem to think they are entitled to all entitlements all of the time no matter what, I’d say the Democrats look good on this one. At least, until all of the unpaid debts come due.

Two weeks ago I spied a squirrel dragging a slice of pizza up the side of a tree. And wouldn’t you know it, it was at that exact moment when the batteries in my Kodak decided to make like a school teacher and go out on strike.

Assuming that squirrels have humps hidden somewhere under their fur, that squirrel was busting it’s hump. It was squirming and snorting and tugging and periodically stopping to catch it’s breath. And that’s when it hit me…

Remember when Americans used to work for their food?

To those who continue to belittle those who proudly identify themselves as members of the fledgling Tea Party, I offer the following…

While you may be able to demonize an individual, you cannot demonize millions of nameless and faceless Americans.

Knock yourselves out.

Move over Palin, here comes Trump.

Did “The Donald” dare to suggest that our current vacation planner-in-chief makes Jimmy Carter look like an award-winning economist by comparison?

Hurry up. Belittle him, too!

We got no need for no truth-telling at this point.

I keep telling Wifey that 102.3 FM, The Mountain, continues to take me back to places that I have not visited in a long, long time.

And today, while out and about, they hit me with some ancient John Lennon that went like this…

Father, you left me,

But I never left you

I needed you,

But you didn’t need me

I have not heard that since, well, since junior high when first it resonated deep within me.


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