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Monday, September 26, 2011

From the email inbox

In response to an email I received, here goes…

Why haven’t I made an appearance at the last couple of BlogFest events?

First of all, declaring one’s candidacy does not automatically make you even remotely interesting or particularly knowledgeable. For some insight, consider the mayoral "race" in Wilkes-Barre. So being in an overcrowded room with a slew of people who mistakenly think they should be put in charge of anything of any importance is just not appealing to me.

Secondly, the vast majority of these glad-handing candidates have a snow cone’s chance in Iraq of being even remotely competitive on election day. For the most part, WILK and our two newspapers expose the vast majority of the clueless pretenders, so why should I have to make small talk and pretend I’m interested when I‘m not?

Thirdly, most of the smiling candidates in attendance are just looking for some free press, even if it’s of the lowly blog variety. Or as I was quoted as saying at the first BlogFest, “They just want to use us.”

As this area’s pioneering political blogger, I’m not so vain as to believe the room fills because people really want to meet me. More likely, the room would fill to curse me or worse. I seek no celebrity, I need no affirmation and I can tolerate the presence of most would-be politicians only while drinking alcohol.

During my only Fest appearance, I deliberately sat next to a high-ranking elected county leader so as to match wits with him. He not only ignored me, he clearly avoided making eye contact. And then a day and a half later he sends me a Facebook “friend” request. How completely lame is that? And you want me to party with the likes of these vapid people?

Honestly, I’ve come to like most of the local bloggers I’ve met. And I’ll spend an entire evening at the bar with them any time they like. I've already done as much. Hell, I’ve gone as far as to offer to host a kegger.

But as far as being surrounded for hours on end by the many pretenders to the many thrones, I’d rather scream a litany of racial slurs in Harlem.

Them’s all I got.


1 comment:

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Students, I have not witnessed a blogging post that contained such truth, clarity and eloquence all at one time until today.
May I add to the comments of the blog owner:
Some bloggers can be articulate and some can be entertaining. THe vast majority, however are mainly boring and predictable. Some even go so far as to be juvenile when faced with a conservative opinion by retorting with threats of violence.
Politicians, at least locally, are self serving at best. And attending a blogfest would be akin to attending a phony elitist party in a Manhattan hotel ballroom.
I did not attend, nor would I wish to attend the event as it would only serve to enhance my belief further that the human race is reverting back to apes.
Class Dismissed!!!!