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Friday, September 23, 2011

Markie Maceman's miscellany you really want me to come to your little blogger soiree?

Are you sure?

Markie Maceman
Nope. Ain't a toy. Forged steel.

Don't ask.

Get this: they tell me a sitting county commissioner who is on the Home Rule transition committee and who is also running for a county council seat has also applied for the county executive position. That's what they tell me.

If that's true, some of you may need to seriously reevaluate your preferences before next we vote.


Just now, a flash flood warning has been issued for Luzerne County. Oh, goodie. Just what we wanted to

How long before some limp-wristed bed-wetter starts going on and on about Global Wetting?

Never know.

Did anyone notice how, with increasing frequency, the President of the United States is sounding dumber and dumber and dumber?

I figure that just about everyone has noticed. But I also figure that only about 60% of us will admit to noticing. That is, will admit to it just yet.

It's getting to the point with this pencil-neck, ineffectual geek that more and more people are going to just start tuning him out until the time finally arrives when they can dispatch him back to wherever it was that he actually sprung from. Hawaii, wasn't it? Yeah, Hawaii.

Oh, yeah. How's that job search going?




D.B. Echo said...

It's a good idea to carry a mace for protection.

I may need someone to back me up in asking any elected officials who show where they stand on out-of-state gas companies suing citizens of NEPA over Constitutionally-protected speech with the goal of bankrupting them and stifling any other individuals that seek to speak out. Then I'd like to see whatever response they give published for all to see as part of the permanent record.

Anonymous said...

They called Lincoln and Reagan and W dumb too, well two out of three ain't bad.

Pope George Ringo said...

How a useless idiot like Ron Reagan could ever have been elected Pres. is beyond me.
I guess when people are desperated they'll put just about any moron in the office.
Boy what a senile, clueless son of a bitch he was.
P.S. I kind of "revamped" the useless idiot description. The original quote was from CONSERVATIVE Howard Phillips, who characterized Reagan as a "Useful idiot>"
Bless YOU!

Mark said...

See what I mean?

Lincoln, Reagan, Dubya, whomever...anything but admitting that Baroke Oblahblah is the biggest, most hapless pretender to ever con his way to the Oval Office.

His legacy will be a one-word exercise: decline.