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Monday, September 26, 2011

Superman whined

“I felt I got hit late. No flag, At some point something catastrophic is gonna happen. Not to blame the refs, but more precautions should be taken. I’m on the ground all the time in the pocket.”
“Every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground, I get hit in the head. I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard flag like everybody else does. I’m not trying to blame the refs. I just want them to take notice.”---Eagles QB Michael Vick’s post-game comments
Since when does Superman, the leader of the quote/unquote “Dream Team”, whine?

What's wrong? Did the big bad mash unit called The New York Football Giants come to your home turf and lay a few dozen hats on you? Ah, poor little billion dollar baby.

This one was too easy to call going in. While the Eagles spent sums approaching our failed stimulus handout in signing all the sexy free agents, they neglected to seriously address their two most glaring weaknesses: linebacker and offensive line.

Yeah, they added a legendary offensive line coach. But with the lockout negating any contact with the new specimens until the pre-season, what good could that do in the short run?

And with only one exception, their linebackers would be second string at Penn State. And Asomugha Nnamdi, Philly’s new shut-down corner? He couldn’t tackle Victor Cruz, and he couldn’t cover him either. And Cruz normally keeps the bench warm for his fellow G-men.

But getting back to Vick’s whining. If the offensive line ain’t pass protecting very much, he has to get back faster, read the play quicker and get rid of the ball faster. Not stand there and hope for post-collision flags.

And as far as drawing flags is concerned, I thought the first priority was to not get drilled time and again. Secondly, he’s always been extremely slippery and illusive, meaning when he moves from the pocket, the referee treats him like a runner, not a passer. He can’t have it both ways on every play. He’s either a quarterback or a tailback.

If I were an Eagle fan (Allah forbid!), I’d be real worried after taking in Vick’s post game comments, because it appears as if he really doesn’t understand what’s happening and why.

And Coach Andy Reid? Well, by trading away the future franchise quarterback for the likes of the oft-injured and statistically middle-of-the-road but superbly athletic quarterback, he proved all over again that he’s a genius only to the fans who really don’t understand the complexities of the game.

As for Mr. “ No Flag” Vick, we’ll see him again later in the season when our starting defense will be so much closer to healthy and whole. Good luck with that. And lose the cape.

Ah, the Dream continues.



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