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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Intemperate musings

Ain’t been lurking around on the blog scene very much of late.

I’ve been working too much. Fantasy football is off to a roaring start. And my nephew landed in the ICU after overdosing on something or other. Anyway, the past week wasted away faster than those so-called stimulus dollars.

What? No griping about the performance of the City’s leadership during the big flood scare? Nothing?

Wow. You mentally incontinent people are slipping.

By the way, just in case you blinked, there was a mass protest against “corruption” at City Hall. All the usual dozen or so suspects were there, including a few who spoke to the press, thereby losing even more votes.

Once upon a time, our then-fearless leader would loudly boast about all of the grant monies he would acquire, and then proceed to buy nonsensical junk with said handouts.

For instance, a two-man hovercraft for water rescues. As in, wouldn’t an actual water rescue lead to an overcrowding of the boat?

Let’s see, we went and got a couple of solar-powered emergency sirens. I think they are still in place, one at Meyers and the other at Hollenback. Funny, though, I ain’t heard them since they were originally installed and tested.

After those flood waters got to receding, I got to wondering about whatever happened to 1620 AM. Remember that? No, well here’s what I scribbled on 5-24-2004...
As far as the money we received from grants is concerned, don't believe every press release you read during the previous eight years. By his own words, McGroarty's grant totals seemed to grow faster than the national debt. A recent e-mailer asked where the $110 million in grants that McG claimed to have secured went to. First off, I seriously doubt the accuracy of McG's boasts and secondly, most of the stuff he actually got was junk we probably didn't need. We have new solar-powered emergency sirens, but we don't have many street lights left. We have an emergency radio station, WPUU, but we can't afford to hire the cops we need. We've covered all of this before.
Yes, you got it, WPUU, Wilkes-Barre’s emergency radio station. Back when it was momentarily operational, it went something like this…

You are listening to WPUU, Wilkes-Barre’s emergency radio station. In the event of an emergency…

You get the gist.

Anyway, I asked a high-ranking city official (real high), whatever became of that indispensable little nugget of ours. Well, it was out of service before he took office in January of 2004. Just like I thought.

And as for those solar-powered emergency sirens, we’re not really sure what their status is. Might have been stolen and scrapped for all we know. At this point, no biggie.

After listening to our county controller on WILK, I have to vehemently disagree with his stated position as to the status of the Hotel Sterling.

While our one-term president wastes billions of dollars on green technology companies racing each other to bankruptcy, it would somehow be a misappropriation for the Feds to pony up one million in disaster relief to remove the sagging Hotel Sterling from the landscape?

They can rebuild Shickshinny only to be flooded again and again and again, but Fedrule dollars should not be allocated for the removal of a public safety risk? What, Wilkes-Barre should spend a million-plus is does not have?

Dude, you’re losing me.

Personally, I think Shickshinny should be bulldozed, and it’s inhabitants relocated to Centralia.


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