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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mental isometrics

If people think going up against the Republicans is too much of a chore for our middling president, I wonder what they think of his decision to go up against the NFL? And on opening day no less.

Jobs? A jobs speech? Another one?


Now that the big bad hurricane has moved on, it‘s been interesting listening to the week-long freak out session on WILK.

Some folks have been without electricity and all that it enables for the better part of a week. And the seething acrimony towards both PP&L and UGI has been growing in intensity, if not, in absurdity.

I was there. I was in the Back Mountain Monday afternoon. And after bouncing from roadblock to roadblock, after barely skirting under far too many downed trees supported only by wires, I aborted my attempt to reach points north such as Lake Silkworth and Sweet Valley. Honestly, I was shocked by what I observed.

Anywho, my daughter Ebon moved out of the modest adobe just last Saturday. Yep, her and my soon-to-be son-in-law have struck out on their own by relocating to the Stroudsburg area. As the hurricane was fast zeroing in on Wilkes-Barre, there we were tying a tarp down over the last of her possessions to be removed.

So, as I type this, she has been in her new townhouse for a whole week now. The twist is, she has been living alone for this past week.

See, her favorite squeeze is what I call a pole climber, he’s a lineman for Met-Ed. In other words, he’s the guy who goes on up there in the cherry-picker and plays with the high voltage while we earthbound types grumble about having to live without power for an hour. And since this past Sunday (his day off), he has been working mandatory 16-hour days.

So, for those of you that graduated from GAR, that’s 96 hours in 6 days.

While I have absolutely no clue about the staffing or commitment of our local providers of electricity in the wake of the big sh*t storm, I strongly suspect that all of the rumors, the anecdotal “evidence”, the accusations and the call for investigations are wildly off-base.

I’m just saying, man.

Since I had not typed a word for damn near a week, some have expressed concern via electronic pulses.

No, I ain’t had a sex change operation or anything like that. Ain't gone transexual, pansexual or such some goofy thing. No rare foot funguses or the long overdue brain matter transfusion.

Simply put, I’ve been cramming much like a college kid does during finals week. Yes, we held our fantasy football draft, the results of which have me brimming with confidence. But if and when the anticipated injuries take a bite out of my roster, I want a backup plan in place for every roster spot going in.

And that’s it. I’ve been studying. It’s kind of like doing mental isometrics with a beer in hand. And all for what some see as a trivial pursuit.

As far as I’m concerned, there is not nor ought there be anything so completely exulted on the face of Allah’s great earth as that apogee of organized violence…the NFL.


Let’s get it on, girlies!!!



Pope George Ringo said...

So your son in law has to work 16 hour days for a public utility/ so he can't come home because there's an emergency power outage predicament/waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

If he don't like it he should go get another job.

I'll take his gladly. Perhaps the power would have been restored faster if these dudes actually worked instead of taking breaks all the time.

Ive seen these dudes on the roadways over the years....they work about 3 of an 8 hour day.
While my electric bills go up and up.

Mark said...

Try to pay closer attention.

I did not even remotely suggest that he's unhappy. In fact, he's been working the same schedule since I posted. He's young and strong, the overtime is there, so why not?

And as for taking his job, two years of very, very specialized schooling, a ton spent on specialized equipment and safety gear and you're hired if, that's if you finish in the top percentile.

Good luck.