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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bomb Oblahblah, bomb!

What I was wondering was…

Why a local guy would be sentenced (after a plea bargain) to 5 years in prison for possessing child pornography, while another local guy, convicted of shooting someone to death, would be convicted to a sentence of 2½-5 years in prison.

The former guy secretly fantasized. The latter guy upped and violently ended someone’s life. One acted out. The other one didn’t.

Must be me.

Let me see here…

Genocide down Africa way is (not by any stretch) nothing new.

Fact is, ethnic cleansing, genocide, rape, mass murder and mass graves are to be expected from that continent. With regularity, in fact. And since we lost a couple of Black Hawks a ways back, no one has lifted a single finger to end any of it.

But…the world economy is sliding towards the abyss as Quantitative Easing Part II (or is it V?) fails to stop…only accelerates the stifling economic bloodletting. The price of crude oil has become as unstable as has the tectonic plate under Japan. And with that, the “recovery” in America is endangered by the fast-rising prices at the pumps at our gas stations.

The question is, what to do about the price of oil and what it means to the world economy, our economy and the chances that a vacillating, ineffective and incompetent pretender in the White House could actually be reelected?

Why, we’ll bomb Libya!

Yes, a War for Oil! Remember that tired bit…War for Oil?

We’ll either stabilize Libya, or we’ll flatten Libya. But, no matter the necessary measures, the price of oil will stabilize, and then drop to levels that might not hamper economic progress, no matter how anemic.

Folks, Baroke “I’ll close Gitmo” Oblahblah has now become the slightly darker version of George W. “War for Oil” Bush.

And when he gets back from his Brazilian vacation, right before he departs on his next vacation, but after a few weekends of golf and another March Madness television appearance, oh, and another party or two at the White House, he’ll tell us how the sacrifice of our folks in uniform was necessary to protect those innocent souls in eastern Libya.

Still hoping for change? You had it. It went by the name of Hillary.


***Now, who was it again that said, "Drill baby, drill?"

Some stupid broad, right?

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Nanteen said...

Just remember as per democrats you can not possible have a good reason for disagreeing with the President about anything. The only reason you are disagreeing has to be your a racist.

I just find it funny we are following the "french" lead in a "war"