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Sunday, March 27, 2011

County Council: Flip a series of coins?

I copied the following from a spreadsheet. Follow me here…

CANDIDATE--PARTY--HOMETOWN--AGE--PROFESSION 5 6 John Adonizio D Hughestown 52 employee, Latona Trucking and Excavating, Pittston 7 Edward Brominski D Swoyersville 71 retired 8 Elaine Maddon Curry D Drums 63 Medical librarian, Greater Hazleton Area Health Alliance 9 Michelle Bednar D Congynham Township elected township tax collector 10 Jim Bobeck D Kingston 30 administrative law judge 11 Michael G. Collins D Ashley 63 retired 12 Michael A. Chrobak D Dalls Township sheet metal worker, Power Mechanical Inc. in Wilkes-Barre 13 Casey Evans D Lehman Township 24 political consultant 14 Mario J. Fiorucci Jr. D Sugar Notch 53 works for PA Mentor in Pittston as a mentor for clients with developmental disorders, Sugar Notch Council 15 Michael S. Giamber D Sweet Valley retired federal employee Linda McClosky Houck D Kingston 53 teacher, Wyoming Valley West School District 17 Stanley Knick Jr. D Dupont 51 owner Knick Fence Co., Dupont Council 18 Thomas W. Ksiezopolski Harding Lackawanna county deputy sheriff 19 Salvatore Licata D Pittston 60 retired 20 John Livingston D Wilkes-Barre housing inspector 21 Michael McGlynn D Duryea Lab operator, Lower Lackawann County Sanitary Authority; 22 Tim McGinley D Kingston director for the Commission on Economic Opportunity 23 M. Theresa Morcavage D Plymouth 62 retired, former Luzerne County employee 24 John T. Nadolny D Nanticoke 46 training director 25 Brian K. Overman D Plymouth assistant professor, Luzerne County Community College 26 Joseph M. Padavan D Bear Creek 58 President, Local 15253 United Steel Workers 27 Thomas Mark Rome D Dupont maintenance mechanic, Pittston Area School District 28 Thomas Rovinski D Dallas 62 retired from state Department of Corrections 29 Bruce J. Simpson D Wilkes-Barre 57 retired federal employee Harry W. Skene D West Pittston 49 attorney 31 Frank Sorokach D Ashley 62 semi-retired 32 Eileen Sorokas D Wilkes-Barre 63 retired 33 Fred Stuccio D Pittston collision manager, Motorworld in Wilkes-Barre 34 Wil Toole D Dupont 67 retired 35 Stephen A. Urban D Wilkes-Barre county commissioner 36 Jane Walsh-Waitkus D Mountain Top 61 college instructor, Penn State Hazleton 37 Robert G. Webb D Duryea Duryea director of buildings and grounds 38 Wayne Wolfe D Hunlock Creek regional director, American Red Cross 39 Michael Cabell R Drums 25 operations manager with Traffic Control in Drums. 40 Kathleen M. Dobash R Hazleton 51 therapeutic staff worker, artist 41 Joyce Dombroski-Gebhardt R Kingston housekeeper 42 Blythe H. Evans R Plymouth owner, Blythe Evans Rentals LLC 43 Joseph A. Gorko R Wilkes-Barre doctor, veterinary consultant Harry Haas R Wilkes-Barre 35 history teacher, Dallas High School 45 William "Bill" James R West Pittston 66 retired 46 Eugene L. Kelleher R Dallas Township partner, Kelmark Real Estate LLC 47 William McIntosh R Dallas 42 engineer, PPL Susquehenna LLC 48 Rick Morelli R Sugarloaf 39 strategic customer specialist for biopharmaceutical company. 49 Gina Nevenglosky R Mountain Top 51 promotions/marketing employee, Jade Promotions & Marketing, Plainview N.Y. 50 Moderno "Butch" Rossi R Hunlock Creek 55 Purchasing employee, Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority John Ruckno R 62 retired 52 Linda J. Urban R Wilkes-Barre accounting assistant, Kentrel Corp. 53 Stephen J. Urban R Wilkes-Barre helpdesk support technician 54 Edward Warkevicz R Lehman Township 63 owner, Edward Warkevicz Insurance Services

That’s the list of people who want to be elected to the soon-to-be-seated Luzerne County Council, although I suspect there are a couple of errors included since I seem to remember that we ended up with 49 hopefuls. I dunno. Doesn't matter, though.

Now, as a registered voter, what the hell am I supposed to do with that? Take it upon myself to do some exhaustive (?) Google research on this plethora of candidates? Attend every available forum, even if that means having to shortchange my customers?

While I’ve met a goodly handful of these people, I’d probably consider voting for only half of them. Some of these people come into this election with very high public profiles, but many of them couldn’t grab my vote if they came promising a no-holds-barred romp with Sharon Stone.

I’ve met Tim Mullen, who is running as a Libertarian. Talked at length with him, I did. And I would definitely vote for him in the general election.

will definitely vote for Harry Haas, who should be sitting on the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board right now. Turns out, the voters of this city were reluctant to introduce integrity into that vacuous mix, despite always going on and on about keeping our best and brightest. Hint: He belongs in that category.

The only candidate that has been getting his message out early on is Bruce J. Simpson, who has utilized the free, county-wide forum that WILK radio offers to candidates during every election cycle. He’s been submitting his press releases to this site. In addition, he’s agreed to be interviewed on these electronic pages of mine.

I recently met another of the many hopefuls, but they tell me his criminal record will scratch his chances of being elected.

So, what’s an information-challenged voter supposed to do with that gargantuan pool of candidates?

Should I go the way of the metrosexuals by voting all female? Perhaps I’ll vote for only those who came from the same ‘old country’ my ancestors hailed from? Should I have my grandson assist me with the drawing of names out of a New York Giants cap? Pin the names to a dartboard, slap on a blindfold and start pitching?

Should I automatically reject the candidates who never warmed a pot of wimpies on grandma’s heatrola for not being sufficiently born-and-bred on coal? Our should I go all Haka on them and see who wets themselves?

Much like our pretender-in-chief, I’m all ears.


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