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Saturday, March 5, 2011

He's baaack! (or just fu>king with us)

No more sign-in screen.

It seems that Gort 42 has gone live again. Not that NEPA's favorite alien has posted anything new on his site, he hasn't. But with this latest development, he's either pulled himself up out of the synthetic mothballs imported from outer space and ready to post anew, or he's teasing us.

My best guess would be that he's coming out of his self-imposed exile to tell us about how robust the economic "recovery" is. Or how public sector unions are not bankrupting cities and states. Or that our pencil-neck geek of a pretend commander-in-chief is not in over his swollen head. Or how hard-left leftists really, really, really hate being called what they actually are...easily-led born-and-bred communists.

Anyway, uh, welcome back, Gort.



Stephen Albert said...

I'd file your posting under the "service to humanity" category, so thanks for the heads up.

D.B. Echo said...

Hey, isn't Spring Training starting soon? For, what is it, baseball?

Mark said...

I was really, really trying to get his "Irish" up at the end of that post of mine. You know, provoking him.

But as a diehard Philthydumpia Phillies fan, he's got to be damn near suicidal when he even glances at the roster of the 2011 Atlanta Braves.