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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To the voters

Well, I got what I wanted.

And all I had to do was take issue--once--with a guy who predictably throws mud in every available direction and waits to see what sticks. So far, his winning percentage is .000.

Check it out: To Mark Cour

Personally, I could really give a flying funk about any local little league fast being relegated to the dustbin of sporting history. These days, parents are too self-absorbed to teach their children the many nuances of organized baseball, so they prefer to drop them off at the sports versions of day practice.

Getting back to what I wanted, it was the following from former city administrator, Jim Hayward...

Am I supporting a mayoral candidate from that neck of the woods, ABSOLUTELY? I want a Mayor who cares about the WHOLE City not just downtown and Barney Farms.

I am supporting CHARLOTTE RAUP, who has done more for the residents of Wilkes-Barre than leighton can ever dream of doing!

So, we have the former city administrator who's administration was an unmitigated disaster for the entire City of Wilkes-Barre (not just the Parsons section), the guy with no legislative experience and no salvageable executive experience endorsing someone with no legislative experience nor any executive experience.

Look at it this way, Jim. Once the primary election is over and the egg on your face has dried, you won't have to blog anymore. After that disappointment, you'll have no reason to. Well, unless another ghost writing gig comes about if and when Un-American Luzerne County gets pulled back out of the electronic ether.

Two more years to qualify for a City pension. So close, but so far.


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