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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wilkes-Barre City Council race shaping up

This is as interesting as it is wide open.

First of all, we’ve got 3 incumbents bowing out. If that’s not unique enough, we’ve got a retired city firefighter, a retired city chief of police, a former city councilman, the son of a former city councilman and the wife of a current city fireman all vying for a seat. Did you get all that?

Anyway, the breakdown by voting district:

District A: 1-term councilman Rick Cronauer (D) will not seek a second term, instead opting to run for magisterial district judge.

George C. Brown--D
Norm Davis--D
Jamie M. Wert--R

District B: Current councilman, Tony Thomas Jr. (D) will not seek another term.

Tony George--D
Vaughn Koter--D
Darlene Duggins--D
Vincent Guarneri--R

District C: 2-term council lady Kathy Kane (D) will run for City Controller.

Justin McCarthy--D
Shelby Sudnick--D
Calman Baggs--D
Eric Redick Sr.--D
Maureen Lavelle--D

District D: Councilman Bill Barrett (D) is seeking his third term.

No challengers to date.

District E: Councilman Mike Merritt (D) will be seeking his second term.

Virgil Argenta--R

Pretty interesting doings, no?

Although, I think I'm all but ready to declare the winner of District D. There are a couple of people listed above that I really, really like, but they don't reside in my voting district. As far as my district is concerned, District E (Nord End), incumbent Mike Merritt is a shoo-in unless he suddenly goes all Charlie Sheen on us. Not very likely.


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