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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Three Wise Monkeys Party has entered the local fray

This update from the Times Leader sure beats all...

Posted: 3:31 PMUpdated: 4:12 PM

Luzerne County Commissioner Urban running for county council, district magistrate

Luzerne County Commissioner Stephen A. Urban is in the process of filing a nomination petition and other paperwork to run for county council.Urban said he is also running for district magistrate to fill the seat left vacant when William Amesbury became a Luzerne County judge.Check back later for more details.

County council? And worse yet, he wants to be a magistrate? A magistrate? Why not, Executive Director...Comedy Central?!?

This from the guy who spent a decade as county commissioner feigning ignorance while impropriety, nepotism, cronyism, despotism, unchecked corruption and wasteful abuse ruled supreme; and while fast-piling outstanding debts (half a billion) ruled the too-painful-to-watch days we have still yet to pay for?

Yeah, vote for me. I didn't see, hear or say a freaking thing while your county was being systematically plundered under.

Spin that.



Anonymous said...

You know what the best part about Steve Urban running for Magistrate is? He is representing the South End of the City, while his Wife (different address) is running for City Council in a different district. I find it amazing these newlyweds don't live together. Something is wrong with this, and somebody needs to look into this.

Mark said...

Yeah, something doesn't add up with that.

He's listed as being on Willow St, yet she still lives on George Ave.

Married, but living apart in the same small town?

Anonymous said...

I think that's their way to have complete control of the city. We didn't even mention his son who is running in discrict C. Also, can Linda be both a City Councilwoman and a County Counilwoman?