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Friday, August 12, 2011

Amazed, I am

Some time ago, I heard a certain judge’s home referred to as a palatial estate.

And while I imagine that comment was borne of jealousy to some degree, I was actually in that home a while back. My visit was of the professional courtesy variety, the details of which will not be listed here.

While too many of us call those sorts of large homes ‘McMansions’ out of wishful thinking, I’ve always thought of them as gussied-up cookie cutter homes. Sure, they’re bigger and they’re prettier, but in most cases they’re built just as haphazardly as the much smaller, more modest homes. Yeah, you can put plenty of lipstick on ‘em. But structural elements is structural elements. And if they’re not constructed or connected just right…

Hence, the courtesy visit.

Now, if I had to describe the contents of that home and the nearby toys, accouterments and vehicles, I’d call them the very best that money could buy.

So when the big sentence came down on WILK yesterday--28 years--my very first thought was, Dude, what did you do?

To be set, to have the very best of everything, to be basically employed for life, to have the power and the respect and the salary and the pension and the best of the trimmings only to end up on the receiving end of 28 years behind bars makes complete sophistry of reason.

Over the past few days I’ve heard words such as greed, evil and unstable bandied all about. And while you got me on all of that conjecture, I cannot feature how one risks it all, how one goes from set for life to serving life.

Make no mistake, I feel no pity for the guy.

But I am truly amazed.


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