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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Great (non) Quake of '11

Near as I can tell, when the big earthquake of '11 hit I was rolling across the North Cross Valley Expressway bridge and over the Susquehanna river. And I didn't feel a goll dang thing.

When I arrived back here at the modest adobe, Wifey told me how Ebon had called from Kingston Corners after her bank building got to violently shaking. And just as soon as Ebon hung up, Marque, my son, called from the East End section of Wilkes-Barre going on about much the same thing.

Still, neither Wifey nor my grandson Zach, who were sitting here in the good ole Nord End watching a movie felt even the slightest of tremors. Nothing. Nada. What a rip-off. Weird for sure.

According to WNEP, we did in fact receive the surprising jolts of an earthquake centered somewhere in Virginia.

But what immediately struck me were the widely varied reactions to it, as reported by said television news channel. Undeniably, the public sector folks evacuated (ran screaming) from every shaken building this side of the Rockies, while the public sector folks took notice of the rumbling, but kept on keeping on.

And therein lies the most easily discernible difference between the public and private sectors, that while the public sector latches on to every possible reason to effect a work stoppage (paper shuffling), the private sector just keeps on generating income no matter what obstacles Mother Nature or the hapless public sector hangers-on put in their way.

The Great Earthquake of '11 scared the hell out of the government workers. Meanwhile, the productive workers that really matter pressed onwards.

So what else is new?

On a very related side note, I told my grandson Zach to stay out of the darn pool for fear of unanticipated tsunamis.

I know, I know. I'm a dork.

Due to that "Bicycles" post of mine, I've received plenty of positive feedback, as well as spoken to two folks encouraging me to go on out there and help to make a difference.

While I am highly motivated, I think we need to tread softly until a workable plan is thoroughly formulated.

First of all, I think we need some sort of official sanction before going forward. I think I need to talk to the Luzerne County Housing Authority, as well as touch base with do-gooder groups such as Big Brother/Big Sister, for instance, rather than just showing up unannounced.

And being that we live in such a predominately litigious society, I'm also thinking that some pro bono legal advice might not hurt before interacting with anyone.

Sad to say, we can't just march on out there completely unannounced and help disadvantaged children. Nope, that's not allowed. There's a pecking order to be sorted through before anyone can help anyone else.

There's government subsidies. Government grants. Government regulations. Governmental limitations. Government red tape. Governmental duplication of non-essential services. Slothful government workers. Government sub-contractors. Wasteful government largess.

Basically, the government claims near complete ownership of the poor folk destined to forever wallow away in poverty.

Stay tuned.

Oh, the Fantasy Fotball draft.

Methinks I'm a sittin' very pretty.

Really, I do.


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1 comment:

Vladimir Lenin said...

I have a feeling if you were a supervisor in an office at the WTC you would have told the workers in the second tower to keep typing, filing etc.
And of course, those below tower one, well their areas weren't on fire so it would make sense just to stay where they were.
No one knew what the hell was going on yesterday for those few minutes.
But to be frank, the only public employees that I am aware who "evacuated" were the WBPD, who should be out on the streets anyways.
Please list any state/federal employee buildings outside of DC that were evacuated.
Private employers for the most part are slave masters anyhows.
They don't give a damn about the workers whose minimum wage sweat and toil finances their mansions (see Mitt Romney, a real man of the common folk).
I know a fellow who works for one of our local "upstanding C.O.C. members" who was diagnosed with cancer and told if he kept missing work he'd be sacked, despite his 20 years plus of service to this twirp.
I'm glad you have an employer who treats you right, or perhaps you own your business in which case I suggest you treat your workers with some decency.
Anyway, glad no one got hurt.
By the way, suppose the earthquake was massive and killed some fed employees in DC. I"m willing to bet you'd blame it on Obama for NOT evacuating.
COme on, you know it's true> ROFLMAO.