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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Citizens against Leighton

Since one of our two local newspapers decided to introduce (publish) this abject idiocy on steroids to the technologically-ignorant segment of the general public, I will happily weigh in.

Facebook? A revolution by way of Facebook? Entirely possible, I imagine. But not when the self-impressed revolutionaries frighten the populace more than do the entrenched powers-that-be.
Citizens against 3rd term for Tom Leighton WB
The current mayor of Wilkes-Barre Tom Leighton is seeking a 3rd term and I would love to see people come together and STOP HIM. He did nothing but take all the projects the McGroarty started and put them into the city HOWEVER at the cost of huge debt. Also let's take into effect what he has done to the poor firefighters. Don't forget those firefighters come whether it is a car accident, fire, medical emergency. You don't see WBPD doing that, the police are just a waste of city space to be honost. Oh by the way what Leighton didn't tell you about all that money is the city got most of it back in TAXES. Yeppers that right they got off w/ a lot of money in taxes from those firefighters. For example somebody who received $4500 only got $2000 after all the taxes. Let's stop him and give somebody who is way better. He says he put cops on the road but those cops are good for nothing. Go ahead call them for an emergency and they don't want to do the report or call you a liar. So let's stand up and say NO MORE LEIGHTON!!

Literacy aside, that intro to the so-called revolution is decidedly familial. As in, since the author from out of town has family members donning turnout gear here in the city, the fire department can, in her eyes, do no wrong. No biggie.

Insincere and misleading as it may be, it’s the standard operating procedure of the ragtag alliance of the utterly clueless opposition to the sitting mayor.

The much more disturbing problem is the fact that a mayoral challenger that just happens to be married to a Wilkes-Barre police officer in good standing would be a willing party to an Internet bashing of the W-BPD, and that she would be a willing participant on this Web site that includes the virtual trashing of the outfit she herself has tried to become a member of.

And I quote: “ He says he put cops on the road but those cops are good for nothing.”

And then we have the participation of the Crime Watch honcho, who seems to think that crime would be a thing of the lawless past---a fleeting memory--if we would just divorce ourselves from reality, economics and demographics and put her and hers in charge.

After laughing out loud at the aforementioned Facebook site, I think the worn-out template goes something like this…

The Mayor doesn’t care about crime. The Chief of Police can’t concern himself with crime. And the police? According to the self-aggrandizing Viet Dork alliance, our police officers “don't want to do the report or call you a liar.”

So says Wilkes-Barre’s unaccountable and self-appointed “top cop,” a tacit admission judging by her willing participation on the Facebook site, and of those who are buying into the laughable, self-promoting spiel.

Now, I fully realize that some of the residents of this city are not big fans of Mayor Tom Leighton. And that’s fine with me. But while the entire world around us goes financially belly-up, and the lay-offs of public sector employees--many of which are and were first responders--Wilkes-Barre remains financially solvent and stable.

So, my question to you is, do you really want to put these sorts of people in charge?

If Mayor Tom Leighton truly is pretty near as bad as it can get, do we really want to go with worse and still worse yet? Do we really, really want the local equivalent of what the easily-led G.W. Bush-haters inflicted upon us...Obama?

Methinks not.



Anonymous said...

I don't see a lot of intellectual vigor on display either here or among the anti-Leighton crowd on Facebook.

Mark said...

Intellectual vigor?

Wow! For an anonymous pussy, you sound pretty smart while repeating stuff you heard elsewhere.

Good job.

Now grow a pair.