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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I ain't had much time for this electronic tomfoolery of late. Truth be told, I ain't had much need for it, either. Too much idiocy of late.

For instance, we have this oft-spewed refrain wherein we cannot and dare not cut the size of government. Yeah, why don't we go with that one? Why not call those credit rating agencies and see what they think of that complete lack of fortitude?

Whatever. Let's just keep growing the size of government, so we can all say where we were during that seminal moment when the United States finally melted down. 

I see our clueless president is out on a "listening tour" of the flat states. And get this, he's promising to focus on job creation. That is, he's promising to focus on job creation for the umpteenth time.

Hey, how about we send another trillion we do not have to unions, teachers and wind farm manufacturers like we did the last time? That worked out pretty good, didn't it?

Jobs? You won't see jobs created in any appreciable numbers until the walking, talking uncertainty that is the president is sent packing.

Way too little, way too late.

I have a couple of problems with this Old River Road Bakery debacle.

First of all, how was that fast-failing property assessed at $438,000 in the first place? It's not worth anywhere near that figure. And as a result, I imagine the back taxes supposedly owed on the long-defunct property are highly debatable.

Warning: Imminent roof collapse

Here's another one: The folks that are suing the city over the property being offered to Leo Glodzik.

The way I read it in the newspapers, they wanted the bakery property to make their yard larger? Uh, man, that'd be one monster of a yard, wouldn't it?

Or, if they snagged the property, would they seek to subdivide it, make their yard bigger and then try to sell what remains of the largish parcel? And if that's the case, how long before the site becomes totally beyond repair? Um, not long. I dunno.

And what's up with all of the city activists forwarding practically every document to practically every policing and regulatory agency this side of State College?

Sure, it's obvious that the Leighton witch hunt is in full swing. But after every document FOIAed out of City Hall thrown against the wall to see if they stick slide to the floor, this is going to be known as the City that cried wolf over and over again.

The state's attorney general? Really? Over some trumped-up voting precinct violation? Can Tom Leighton and Jim Haggarty share the same cell block?

A Web site claiming that nonexistent credit card receipts are proof of corruption?

Oh, and the publicly alleged "kickbacks" associated with the towing contract? Sorry there, activist moonbeams, but somebody is going to get their ass sued over that one. And relatively soon.

So I ask again? Do we really want to put these people in charge? The folks bereft of both knowledge and facts? I sure hope not.

My fantasy football draft takes place this coming Sunday. This season, I am the new league commissioner. And for that reason I will be here if and when I feel like it.

Before I go, I want to point something out to the mentally incontinent folks who commented on this site of late.

I've had four jobs during my life. And at the time, I considered all of them to be of the well-paying variety, as well as providing me with very good benefit packages. Some good, some excellent.

The thing is, during all four of these stints, I was employed by either rich people or big corporations.

Now, assuming most people are like me and want to have a career rather than a job, poorer folks, Democrats and Baroke Oblahblah cannot provide you with a career, a lucrative salary or great benefits. Nope, that's where the evil rich come in.

Then again, perhaps too many people like being on unemployment, being on public assistance, being a government employee, or being a member of a collective-bargaining unit. And if that's the case, then they'll continue to demonize the wealthy while praising the overly generous government teat. Right up until the point when the entire house of cards comes crashing down.



Pope George Ringo said...

I agree with your earlier post that Obama is more likely a one termer. I also believe (if I am to believe conventional wisdom)that the GOP will take control of the Senate and maintain control of the House.
Problem is, then they have to actually truly CUT Social Security (or change/reform it), Medicare, and on and on.
Whoever the Prez is will he/she have the guts to do these things.
And as far as a flat tax????
No way.
R v Wade overturned???
Didint happen under Bush and his GOP majorities.
In other words, its all rhetoric in my opine.
Remember, Bush had massive majorities in both houses when he tried to privatize Social Security and they didn't do it.
You see, most people (including many elderly tea partiers who went to town hall protests in Medicare funded wheelchairs) are liberals and they don't even know it.
This, in effect will explain why GOP congressmen are NOT holding any town hall meetings during their 6 week vacation.
SIX WEEK VACATION! Wow, talk about reform.
God Bless YOU all!!!

Mark said...

Well, deleting only the military and NASA isn't going to get it done.

However the partisan politics play out, or wherever the bloody battle lines are drawn, across-the-board cuts are not only necessary, they are mandatory.


Anonymous said...

The folks looking to buy the bakery property were only interested in a tiny, sliver of land that ran the length of their back yard and was maybe 20 feet across (it was an old railroad right-of-way.) That piece was somehow erroneously parceled together with the rest of the bakery property (either accidentally, ignorantly or through deliberate deception, depending on who you believe.)