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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WILK to Lou Barletta: Piss off!!!

From Politics in NEPA...

Actually, after suffering through most of what WILK had to offer today, I think this piece could be more aptly titled, "Jones, Kman, Corbett & Dreamers target Barletta."

"News, talk radio" suddenly sounds like DCCC talking points happily, eagerly and aggressively regurgitated.

4 town hall meetings in 8 months from a freshman congressman, but Kman says NO!!!, you picked on Kanjorski!!!

Shrill, shriller and the absolute shrillest.

Really scary stuff. Another clear example of a once proud media outlet gone completely partisan in an effort to make amends for their previous mistakenly partisan misleading of the listening public. Another undeniable example of credibility lost.

Webster...turns out, Radar Love wasn't so bad after all. Get out before the shrill factor becomes too much.

Anyway, WILK wants Lou Barletta gone.

That's where we're at with the supposed "news" outlet.


1 comment:

Pope George Ringo said...

You gotta be kidding me!
WILK has the "sweet voiced" conservatism of Ms.Henry for four hours every morning and the Ferocious Limbaugh for three hours in the afternoon. Afterwards listeners are treated to the "all over the place" rantings of the Obama bashing Palin loving Corbett. OF course, then the real tsunami begins with Mr. Savage who makes Limbaugh sound like Teddy Kennedy.
As for town meetings or lack thereof by The Honorable Mr. Barletta and his clone Mr. Marino....using the shooting of Gabby Giffords as an excuse to get out of meeting and answering your constituents questions is pretty low, even for a Republican.
Of course, the voters will decide on this next year.
Again, WILK a liberal bastion????
WIth all due respect, you need to see an Otolaryngolist.
God Bless.