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Friday, July 30, 2010

Elena's Motorcycle Ride through Chernobyl

I linked to this fascinating and spellbinding site many, many years ago. And with the unregulated, unfettered and unethical pursuit of the acquisition of energy all underfoot here in NEPA, I thought some of you might be interested in giving it a look.

Elena's Motorcycle Ride through Chernobyl

At this site, Elena, our host, takes us on a pictorial tour of the abandoned Chernobyl area, the site of the 1986 ultimate in nuclear nightmares.

It’s fairly well-written, and she provides us with glimpses of what the area was like before that fateful night, as well as what it looks like now.

Interestingly enough, as of this very moment, there are more than 30 pending applications for the construction of new nuclear power plants right here in the United States.

Be warned, Elena’s site includes 27 pages, plenty of textual backdrop and too many fascinating pictures to count. So if you take the tour, it’ll take you awhile.

In my opinion, her valiant efforts alone necessitates that you visit.

And before you go, take a look at Miss Chernobyl 2004.


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