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Monday, July 19, 2010

The new Centralia?

Chesapeake Energy, one of the major players in this gas drilling invasion, has been running an ad on WILK in which they beckon you to "ask Chesapeake."

In that ad, they make this claim: "A community armed with the truth is a powerful ally."

The truth? The truth according to whom?

Yeah! And a corporation, any corporation armed with an exception to the Clean Water Act is a powerful foe.

Anywho, they are there for you. So pepper them with probing questions. Let 'em have it. Go ahead. Ask Chesapeake.


Ask them what happens if the fracturing process ignites some methane gas trapped in our abandoned coal mines and ignites a coal vein?

Will Plains Township become the new Centralia?

For those of you interested in making an appearance, the amazing grand kids, Gage Andrew and Taylor Kate, will be arriving here in Wilkes-Barre direct from Knoxville sometime this coming Saturday afternoon. And the way I hear it, they are bringing their parents with them.

Their arrival coincides with Zachary Bryce, aka River Rodent's, big 7th birthday blowout on Saturday. This is going to be a good one. The grilling, the buffet line, the cold stuffs, the keg(s), the live guitars, the pool and all of what makes for a good noise complaint to 911. Can't wait.

Saturday is also the first day of my vacation. Or, a stay-cation as we now call them in our newly progressive third world country. A trip to Knoebel's Grove is penciled in. Oh, and a trip north would not be complete for my daughter Peace without a side trip to Abe's Hoddogs down there on Barney Street.

After the hangovers fade, I'm looking forward to bicycling with all five of my grand kids--all together---for the very first time. And another first, Gage, that original pint-sized bicycling trailblazer, is scheduled to go bicycling with Pop Pop but under his own power for the first time. Growing like weeds they are.

And don't tell the WBPD, but I was thinking about moseying on down to the river with a couple of air rifles. Keep that one to yourself.

I'm a little confused as to the details and the process, but I was advised this morning that I have been nominated to become my company's Termite Technician of the year for 2010. And I was told that if I were to actually land that tremendous honor, I would then be entered into Pest Control Technology's nationwide competition representing North American Pest Control, of which my company is the driving force.

Trust me, I am amazed and honored just by the nomination.

But just as soon as it all registered in my scattered brain, my very first thought was of my insane fear of flying. If I were to win anything, there's no way I'm flying anywhere to accept anything.

So keep your fingers crossed.

Here's to hoping I never really had a chance.


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