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Friday, July 16, 2010

Peace, Love & Gas?

Man, I don't know about this one.

The link: Drilling opponents plan environmental awareness concert, festival

The excerpt: The organizer of a Marcellus Shale and environmental awareness concert and rally hopes the event will be a gas.

"Gas Stock," to be held Aug. 21 at the Luzerne County Fairgrounds in Lehman Township, will feature live bands, speakers and vendors. Roxanne Pauline of Taylor, who is putting the event together with the group Northeastern Pennsylvania Citizens In Action, anticipates a crowd of 500 to 800 people. Interest, she said, is growing day by day.

"The response has been non-stop," she said.

Just in case you missed this somewhere along the way, my kids' names are as follows: Marque, Ebon and Peace. Now do the math...Peace...Cour (pronounced Corps)?

Anyway, since Peace was old enough to range about on her own, people would say one of two things to here after learning her full name. Ready?

What? Were your parents hippies?


Were you conceived at Woodstock?

Ah, yeah, Woodstock. That's the ticket. You nailed it.

Although, I was a mere 10-years-old when Woodstock displayed the immorality and the lackadaisical nature of an entire generation of drug-addled slackers.

Anyway, after Peace, Love & Music becomes Peace, Love & Gas, does that mean when the attendees look back fondly on their having attended "Gas-stock" they'll be widely known as Gassies? The Gas Generation?

Sounds like it and y'all could easily be confused with a Campbell's Corporation sponsored pork 'n' beans cook off. Frackin' A!

I dunno.



Don Williams said...


Remember way back when when I said something like "this is gonna get ugly"? How far off was I on that?'s my next prediction. If we all get behind Gas Fest, it can become very, very BIG. And, trust me on this...BIG OIL is already watching.

Love & Peace,


Fracked said...

I have visited your site, as time allows, out of my growing respect for Don Williams and have occasionally been struck by awesome examples of wit and intelligence expressed by means of writing abilities that I consider a gift.
Speaking as one who attended Woodstock at the age of 22 and then went on to "lackadaisically" work as hard as anyone to provide for my family and "immorally" raise my daughters to strive towards honesty and kindness (I'll leave the drug-addled part alone), I am also saddened by how often I see that wit, intelligence and eloquence short circuited by petty prejudices that serve to plant your head firmly up your ass.
If you were able somehow to come to recognize those prejudices as self-indulgent, self-defeating and limiting, and if you would then take the steps necessary to overcome them, your potential would be staggering.
As is the potential of Gas Stock - Mitakuye Oyasin.
Still very much a hippie and with best regards - peace, John.

Mark said...

Got it.

8 billion people the world over have their prejudices, but I'm not allowed any.


Fracked said...

That many?
Well - I do hope you got it.
I said "petty" prejudices and was sincere about those sometimes getting in your way.
I regularly come to your blog in hopes of finding the gems - the ones I admire and learn from. I'm still very new to this blogging thing.
And, I'll bet we share a prejudice against short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites - and that's not at all petty.
Mark - I enjoy and respect you and your blog and meant no offense.
Take care.