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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Corbett: "I am a (belated) tree-hugger!"

Not too long ago, I chastised WILK's Steve Corbett for finally coming around to the Marcellus Shale drilling issue way, way, way too late to make a discernible difference. And I was undeniably correct in daring to mock his long overdue arrival to NEPA's most pressing issue.

And as was noted here, he angrily reacted to my criticisms of him. And I repeat, Dude, while you were taunting us coal crackers by telling us, "I am a Mexican," and "I am a feminist," the gas drilling outfits snuck in under the cover of purposeful indifferent darkness at the hands of our elected and appointed officials.

You went on and on and on about your perceived intellectual superiority to that of your Culm-covered audience, while some from within that very audience were desperately trying to get the word out about this mine-scarred area's soon-to-be second go-round with an environmental disaster in the making.

Still, you belittled the clarion calls coming from the Internet while telling us at length about the systematic rejection of your upbringing. And you wasted your time as well as ours by droning on and on about the inconsequential, the meaningless Friendly Sons get-togethers, something you had to do so as to promote domestic tranquility after you shed the headphones.

But, just as I had said previously, you found the issue of natural gas drilling way too late to make a discernible difference. While you were going on and on about Michael Jackson, tofu hoddogs, martial arts and your Irish heritage, the gas drillers were spidering their way into our various and sundry neighborhoods.

And you know the issue is well beyond our control as concerned citizens, you know our eventual fate is sealed when you read the following...

Excerpted from Forced into drilling

"I can't put a chicken coop in my backyard but people can put heavy industry all around the township. I don't understand that," the retired Dallas school teacher said. "It doesn't make sense. It doesn't seem fair."

Way to go, Steve. I think you missed that one, the most pressing issue to force itself upon our slow-to-resonate and collective mindsets throughout our entire lives.

It's here. We can no longer hope to stop it. Our elected officials, far and wide, are turning a blind eye in the name of future tax opportunities.

We can't erect a chicken coop out back, but we can have our properties drilled out, literally, from underneath us. Apparently, we cannot protect our drinking water supplies. We cannot stop our favorite fishing holes from being drained dry. And we cannot stop the eminent domain abuse that is currently percolating in the short-sighted minds of the elected and appointed.

Oh, but, we can hear about how tofu, Buddism and self-emasculation is proof of a brilliant and still developing mind. As if.

Admit it, Kung Fu Boy.

While all of NEPA needed your help, you were too busy happily taunting your audience to have even a single finger on the surging pulse of the area. I told you you were too late to the issue. And I was correct in that assessment.

So open your microphone on Monday afternoon and tell me even more about what you missed after you spent the last couple pf years basking in your self-perceived intellectual superiority.

It's a good thing you won't eat chicken, ain't it?



Stephen Albert said...

Great post Mark, although I don't think you give Corbett enough credit for attempting to save the area from the evil known as the "Friendly Sons of St. Patrick".

WILKWatcher said...

What has hair around it and blows noxious gas and shit?
Corbett and an asshole