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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flashback: Kanjo's paid 'nuts'

What do you get when you combine equal parts hypocrisy, sophistry, connivance and senility? Anyone?

No, not Cornerstone Technologies. Why, you get Paul Kanjorski!

C'mon. That one was too easy.

From "Dems videotaped Barletta," Times Leader, 11/16/2008

U.S. Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski spent more than $2 million to win his 13th term, including $10,000 in payments to a videographer who followed political opponent Lou Barletta throughout the campaign.

Kanjorski, a Democrat, defeated Barletta in the Nov. 4 election by nearly 10,000 votes to retain his 11th Congressional District seat.

The videographer, identified as Joe Van Wie of Agapic Films of Scranton, was observed taping Barletta at campaign rallies and fundraisers. He also caught the mayor at Hazleton City Hall before and after council meetings, said Shawn Kelly, who served as Barletta’s campaign spokesman.

Van Wie may have been able to track Barletta because he signed up to be a Barletta campaign volunteer.

Van Wie filled out a volunteer card for the Barletta campaign and wore a Barletta for Congress button at some of the events where he was working for Kanjorski and taping Barletta, Kelly said. When he signed the volunteer card, Van Wie checked two boxes on the card, volunteering to place a Barletta yard sign on his home lawn and volunteering to work the polls on Election Day.

But Van Wie would not discuss it.

For the inside scoop, visit the 2008 'Van Wie Report' by McGruff: ..."I'm not going to set myself up for, you know…nuts to hit me with a camera and ask stupid questions.”

Markie's translation of above quote: I don't want done to me what we did to Lou Barletta in 2008.

From Kanjo, Barletta spar over 'nuts'

Ed Mitchell, Kanjorski’s campaign spokesman, fired back, saying the congressman stands by his comments made on WILK, “including the ones about Barletta’s sorry record as mayor.”

“With the reference to ‘nuts,’ he (Kanjorski) meant a small number of extreme political opponents who come to disrupt town meetings solely for the purpose of scoring political points they can register on YouTube or the Internet to inflict damage and embarrass the congressman and not to the people who come to those meetings to discuss issues and gather information,” Mitchell said. “He meant nothing disparaging by his comments.”

Extreme political whats?

Like the slithering sort that would pay a creepy guy such as Van Wie? Man, these haplessly transparent prevaricators make it sound as if there's a tea bag sniper hiding under every rock and pebble. Meanwhile, they reach for the sticky stuff from within their murky bag of political tricks.

What we have here is continuing hypocrisy from the dirty trickster at the behest of the big conniver.

Moral and ethical inanition!

Sez me.


Anonymous said...

Pot meet Kettle.

Anonymous said...

Unicorn Concessions (as seen in photo) that a project of the Kanjorski kin?

Stephen Albert said...

Guess what Paul: the "nuts" are your constituents too, and when last I checked, being a "big boy" was a job requirement for working in Congress.

Man up or get the hell out.