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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'White people suck' redux or: blah, blah, blah, blah effing blah

I’m still trying to wrap my denuded mind around this infuriating law suit filed by Ba-roke Oblahblah’s Justice Department against the State of Arizona. This is absurdity on steroids.

The Fedrule Govmint outright refuses to enforce what used to be our borders, but that very same out-of-control Fedrule Govmint reserves the right to attack any state that does want to protect the sovereignty of this country. Must be me.

The surreal becomes the sublime. Oh, and then some.

The dirty little secret is that by allowing our country to be overrun by millions upon millions of poverty-stricken migrant workers that basically piss on every law and ordinance they come in contact with, Democrat constituencies and Democrat causes-du-jour benefit greatly.

Who can argue against the health care reform push while illegal invaders are literally swamping our health care systems?

And who can make the case that we don’t need more self-serving union brothers of the educational variety while very many of our local school districts are being overwhelmed by the mass influx of the children of the illegal?

And who can make the argument with a straight face that the providers of fake I.D.s do not constitute this fast-fading country’s fasting growing, under-the-table cottage industry?

The pitifully predictable arguments against the fortification of our borders defy what used to be known as logic. I am aghast at the short-sightedness of those who would be willingly overrun in the name of their twisted ideology. And I am aghast at those who would chortle at those of us who are infuriated with the self-imposed and purposeful demise of our sovereignty.


It’s proof of racism to demonstratively demand that the Fedrule Govmint do what it was Constitutionally bound to do--to defend our borders? That’s racism? You're doped-up, right? That's all you've got?

Brown? Black? White? It does not matter. All that matters is that hard-working, tax-paying and increasingly shell-shocked Americans are being told to shut up and pay the heavy freight of the people that should have never been allowed here in the first place.


We’re racists to be alarmed when all that we once held near and dear is seemingly collapsing all around us? And we’re called racists while the Democrats are brow-beating us for daring to take issue with what any other country’s populace would call a deliberate and sustained invasion?

Meanwhile, I have yet to hear anyone cry racism over the fact that white people, and white people alone, are facing tax increases if and when they seek out the services of the local tanning salon.

The white folks have been targeted for discriminate confiscation of their financial resources, again and again and again, where no other race or ethnicity or future Democrat recipient of freebies need be concerned.

Racial profiling?

Uh, yeah. Keep trying to sell that phony bill of lading to the light-skinned who are, and who always have been the steadfast backbone of this flailing country. See where that gets you. See what that amounts to in November.

Did I say “light-skinned,” as in, white people?

Yikes! Now I’ve gone and done it.

I’ve finally gone over the not-so-free speech edge.

I’ve finally gone and said to the intellectually incontinent race-baiters, take your fu>king laughably threadbare charges of racism and ram ‘em up your fu>king snout. Quit being so intellectually vacant. And quit doing so as if you have some sort of self-percieved license, some sort of unearned idealogical birthright by which the guilty can so easily affix their centuries-old baggage to everyone else around them.

Congressman Robert Byrd---Klu Klux Klan.

Moreover, just quit.

As always...


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