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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kanjo: Nuts with cameras

Always warm and cuddly, earlier today Paul Kanjorski told WILK's Nancy & Webster that he'll not do town hall meetings so as to not expose himself to 'nuts with cameras.'

Cong. Kanjorski slams Barletta and 'you tube politics'

From WILK: 11th District Congressman Paul Kanjorski talked financial reform with WILK's Webster and Nancy this morning. The Democrat was also asked whether he'd be doing any face-to-face townhall meetings this summer. His opponent, Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta has attacked Kanjorski for not scheduling such meetings. The Congressman said there's nothing to be gained by 'nuts with cameras' showing up at such events, and that he 'won't hand his opponent a baseball bat'. Kanjorski also slammed Barletta on a number of fronts, including Hazleton's money woes and when speaking about Barletta as Mayor said 'he already botched that up'.

Watch this at WILK News Radio

Here's the blow-by-blow...

Nancy: “There are those on the other side, namely a guy is running against you -- Lou Bartletta -- coming up in the fall who says you know you need to go out actually have a face to face town hall meeting rather than your phone call, you do the call-outs -- are you going to do any town hall meetings."
Kanjo: “We're gonna do everything we can to get opinions from people…to meet with people but I'm not going to set myself up for, you know…nuts to hit me with a camera and ask stupid questions.”

Ah, when he comes off badly on video as he so often does, it was because of a nut with a camera. Ah. Got it. Thank you Uncle Paul.

Thanks once again for insulting those of us that are encouraged by politicos to do our civic duty and get involved, do as much, and then are called "nuts" for having done so.

I think he needs to stay away from the nuts with the microphones, too. I think he needs to just stay away. Period.


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