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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Job Czar: China, here we come!

Just in case you missed it, General Electric is set to invest $2 billion in China as it transfers it's health division out of Wisconsin and directly to China to tap into "emerging markets."

General Electric's Chief Executive, Jeffrey Immelt, is Oblahblah's go-to Czar for...ready? Job creation!

You know, that General Electric! The GE that earned $14.2 billion in profits (not sales) last year, but paid no income taxes on that handsome profit.

No! No, I'm not making this up.

And Immelt is the very same jobs creation czar who recently criticized his fellow entrepreneurs for blaming the government for the weak economy and barked that those business folk should start hiring.
Now, to the shell-shocked lefties who cannot bring themselves to admit that Oblahblah is absolutely clueless, instead sticking with the well-worn "I'm disappointed" malarkey, here's the scoop: you elected a flailing charlatan who is in far over his swollen head.
So all of Oblahblah economic adviser's fresh from academia have jumped the listing ship. And now Mr. GE goes and makes him look like a horse's ass. We "turned the corner" quite a ways back. We were not impressed by last year's jobless "Summer of Recovery." So what's this? The Summer of Oblahblah's Austere Discontent?
And now Oblahblah cannot face a teleprompter without railing against corporate tax loopholes. Meanwhile, his job czar, who's outfit knows the tax loopholes as well as any corporation, chose to invest a couple of billion in another country. Go figure.
According to the CBO, in 2006, the debt ceiling was $8.2 trillion. Today, it stands at 14.4 trillion. And very soon it will be increased to only Allah knows what. And with that said, the pretend president demands new revenue streams to be squandered away as he wishes.
If no patriot from the Democrat Party steps forward and mounts a primary challenge to the clueless wonder, then our future as a solvent, sovereign nation lies with a Republican challenger.
We've got one last chance.

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