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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sandy Beach 1972

I finally got around to looking for some pics from the old days at Sandy Beach, Harveys Lake.

I have pictures stashed all over the place, not necessarily in scrapbooks and filed under no system at all. Plus, I called my Uncle John about said pictures, and I'm expecting quite a haul when he gets it in gear.

This first picture was taken on the side of Ben Rood's home. Looking through those trees, you can see the structure that contained the upstairs dance hall, a bathhouse, the pinball hall, a snack bar and storage space for rental boats. To the right behind the telephone pole is the edge of the cafeteria/bingo hall building.

By 1972, the kiddie rides were gone, which would have been dead center in the middle had they still been there when this picture was taken. And directly behind that fencing across the street was the edge of the drive-in movie area.

Grandma, Sue, Mom & Ray
 Obviously, this next picture was taken right on the white imported sands of the beach.

Grandpop, Sue, Mom & Ray
 In the background, looking towards Sandy Bottom, you can see what was left of the boating docks in 1972, which looked a little worse for wear. At one time, it seemed as if those docks stretched on forever.

Anyway, when I find more you'll be the first to know.


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