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Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011: Bush did it (?)

When I first sat down in front of this keyboard today, my intention was to send a salvo back at someone who recently commented on this site. A person, by the way, who I happen to like and respect.

But after I got into it just a bit, I realized it was more of a shot fired at those who stubbornly worship the fast-flailing team, rather than the league in general. Better put, it's a matter of putting the party first and the country second.

The hard-to-read comments...

Obama saved us from the economic free-fall that George W. Bush and his cronies left us in. Actually, Bush started to put on the brakes as the final act of his presidency, the only damned thing that moron did that showed a lick of sense. And because he did this, rather than letting the economy collapse, and the auto industry fail, and throwing us into Grover Norquist's anarchistic wet dream of the fall of the United States, the right-wing whackos have decided to hate HIM for that.

Clinton handed Bush a soaring economy. Bush handed Obama an economy that was in meltdown. And the Repugs in Congress have done everything they can to block economic recovery. (Why the hell would they want the economy to recover while that half-breed Kenyan-born Muslim Marxist is in office?) Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the Republican party, said "I hope he fails," and his Congressional dittoheads have done their damndest to make that happen.

I'm still waiting for my apology from anyone who voted for Bush, or anyone who voted a Republican into Congress.

Somebody in the CV today suggested that the best thing Obama could do to move the nation along would be to become a Republican. I think that's brilliant. Since he's certainly not the Democrat so many people thought they were voting for, changing his affiliation wouldn't hurt him significantly among the people who voted for him in 2008. And it would mean instant cooperation from Congressional Repugs.

Sorry, but when one party controls all three branches of government, it rings hollow when that party then accuses the other of economic sabotage. But that’s the party line heading into the presidential election, and in lieu of any noteworthy accomplishments, I suppose that will have to do.

Please do not misunderstand my motivation. I really don’t care which letter precedes the president’s name. If it came down to it, I would have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain. With that said, in Obama’s case, I’ve never seen so many anemic excuses being made for someone who’s inept performance has been the definition of incompetent. He’s given us the non-stop rhetoric, but where are the results?

He said he was going to “transform” our economy. In other words, he was going to pick the winners and losers, while in the process creating all of these mythical “green” jobs. Well, guess what? What looks good as part of some Harvard generated white paper usually amounts to a pile of rubber dog sh*t out here in the real world. And in this case, it’s a heaping, steaming pile.

Did anyone happen to notice that all…that’s ALL of his economic advisers have retreated back to the safer confines of academia in two short years. And now, Timothy Geithner, the US Treasury Secretary, is making noise about walking away, too. And when he departs, who’s economic advice will Obama seek out? His mother-in-law’s?

Shortly after Obama was inaugurated, most of those so-called economic advisers of his made mention of how the U.S. economy is cyclical, clearly suggesting that they were underestimating the scope and breadth of the economic malaise they were faced with.

And Obama himself made light of the obviously gargantuan tasks at hand by saying that the economy would bounce back. Then he gleefully opened a few cans of Marxist-inspired economic uncertainty, and we’ve made no progress despite the spending of trillions upon trillions that we were not in possession of in the first place. He single-handedly decided against submitting a Fedrule budget last year, hoping to stave off the expected trouncing at the polls. And with that, he’s piled up debts that were previously unimaginable.

In Obama’s case, it’s not a matter of having been wrong on occasion as much as it’s a case-book study of having never been right. And that’s exactly what you deserve when you choose to vote for a mystery man who’s resume would easily fit on the backside of a Bazooka Joe comic.

Repugs? George W. Bush? Ditto heads?

Really? Uh, okay.

Dude, you’re much smarter than that.

Listen, I love the Atlanta Braves almost as much as Bobby Cox. And when they suck, they suck. When they don’t win it’s a shame. And when they don’t win, there’s really no point in blaming the umpires, Major League Baseball or the broadcasters. At the end of the game, they either did it, they had it, or they didn’t. Their collective performance (or lack thereof) pretty much tells the tale.

As for Obama, he didn’t do it, and he never had an inkling as to how to do it. As much as it may sting, Rush Limbaugh got his wish: Obama failed, and he failed miserably. And without much political opposition.

And if my pointing out the painfully obvious is so disturbing to those who live and die by partisan politics, I have nothing further to offer but my deepest, most heartfelt sympathies.

Sorry and all, but the sexists on the Marxist side of the political divide backed the wrong horse. With her vast public policy experience and a still wildly popular two-term president as her most trusted advisor, Hillary Clinton would have been a virtual shoo-in for reelection in 2012.

Rather than project racism and political myopia upon me, perhaps a bit of soul-searching would be a better investment of your time.

So, today is the 4th of July, 2011. And despite the late date, George W. Bush did it. That’s the party line. Those are the vacuous talking points. George W. Bush did it, the Republicans did it, Rush Limbaugh did it and just in case she decides to enter the race…Sarah Palin did it, too.

Everybody but Obama did it.

Bucking reality. That’s the plan.


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